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Coimbatore region has long been important to trade. Roman coins have been found in the area. After an earthquake in 1900, the area boomed in the 1920’s and 1930’s. There has been sizeable economic growth since the Indian Independence.

In Coimbatore, temples and nature are the main attractions. Added attractions are the theme park and water park nearby. Visitors who want to get refreshed can come to these places. Trekking the hills and sanctuaries of the surrounding area is the best way to appreciate the beauty of this region.

Coimbatore is a great place to enjoy South Indian food. Idlis, Dosas, and thalis are some of sumptuous foods to choose from. Unique to Tamil Nadu is the Chettinad cuisine, which often features meat, but not beef or pork. Vegetarians can enjoy many foods in Coimbatore. Everyone can enjoy a Thali. In the south of India, this dish is often served on a banana leaf.  Good teas, grown in the hills around Coimbatore, are also available.

Another activity in Coimbatore is to spend the day in a spa. Traditional, Indian, and Thai massage are also available in the city. There are many spiritual centers in Coimbatore, such as the Art of Living and an Osho center. Come and be a part of this mesmerizing activities.

Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is accessible by air, rail and road. Peelamedu Airport is just ten kilometers outside the city. Trains to the rest of India are available from Coimbatore station. Government buses serve across Tamil Nadu.

Coimbatore is famous for its water, but make sure to drink bottled or boiled water. 

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