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World India Tamil Nadu Erode
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Tamil Nadu Erode

About Erode

Erode District, it was also known as Periyar District of Kongu Nadu region. This district is an important and the biggest trader of Turmeric. This district is also famous for its Handloom, Power Loom and Readymade Garments  production. It  is also  a  bulk marketing  district  of  those  products.

Major  attractions  include:

Kodumudi : It is 40 kms from Erode. The special feature of this town is the temple of  Lord Siva Called Muchukundeswarar, Lord Vishnu called as Veera Narayan It is one of the important temple where  the  Chithirai  Utsavam is  the  most important festivals of the temple. Paper  mills  located  here  is  also  an  attraction.
Bhavani : It is 15 kms from Erode and also known as Kooduthurai among the locals. Bhavani river stretching over 200km, gets water mostly from Southwest Monsoon and also through helping hand by the Northeast Monsoon. It originates from the Silent Valley of Kerala, crosses over other districts and towns and flows through this town. Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple is an ancient temple.

Kodiveri Dam : It is 60 kms from Coimbatore,. It was constructed by the Mysore Maharaja in the 17th Century.

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