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Salem, the fifth largest city of Tamil Nadu State in Southern India is well nestled amidst hills of Nagarmalai in North, Jeragamalai in South, Kanjana Malai in West and Godumalai in East. The city which lies on the foot of Yercaud Hill station has the river Thirumanimuthar flowing across it.

Salem serves as world’s biggest Mango Market during the peak season and city's biggest draws are its delicious tropical mangoes, locally made garments, and jewelry. Known as the Mango City, travelers visiting the city must sample these famous golden fruitsas well purchase a colorful textile or a jewelry with well-crafted bells before moving on to their next destination.

Outside and around the city, however, are far more interesting attractions that would prove a visit here worthwhile. The fifth most populated city in Tamil Nadu, Salem’s hustle and bustle is definitely apparent to anybody. However, it is surrounded by a number of unspoiled hills and India’s Eastern Gnats (hence its nickname, The City of the Mountains) andvisitors have more than enough options for a more laid-back getaway. Mettur Dam nearby Salem city is the main source of irrigation and water supply for entire Salem district. Tourists can see enormous textile, sago and poultry industries in Salem District.

The hills around Salem city are teeming with remarkable points of interests including intricately-decoratedold temples like the unforgettable Kailasanathar Temple, ruins, nature reserves that serve as refuge to the indigenous wildlife, and resort towns like Yercaud that provide a more romantic holiday setting. The modern roads and cheap modes of transportations to and from Salem make those attractions easily accessible. Kongu cuisines are famous in Salem which include both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods.

Due to Salem’s strategic location, nestled in the middle of where several hills meet, it serves as a central point or a point of convergence, if you must, and its main role it to give tourists as well as locals easy access to all the remarkable attractions that surround it.

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Traveller Community User
Feb 17, 2014
Do go to Yercaud, its hardly 30km from here and a really good hill station.
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Oct 14, 2015
Selvi mess in Salem is famous of its non-veg food. Do try to check it out.
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