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World India Tamil Nadu Thanjavur
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India Tamil Nadu Thanjavur

About Thanjavur

The prominent center of South Indian Art and Architecture, Thanjavur, was formerly termed as “Tanjore”. The cultural hub was once the capital city of erstwhile Kingdom of Cholas. It was during Cholas Dynasty, the city attained its pompous and glory.  After the end of Medieval Chola period, the city was invaded by various Kingdoms like Pandyas, Nayakars, Marathi, British, etc. The Magnificent Temples built in Great Chola Era are declared as World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO.

Agriculture is the major occupation in and around Thanjavur. Most of the people are involved in farming. The city is often mentioned as “Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu”. Thanjavur is also renowned for the unique style of paintings called “Thanjavur paintings”, which are globally famous. This form of painting came into existence during the Marathi Era at around 16th century. In order to perish and promote the traditional heritage of India, the Government of India established “South Zone Cultural Center” in Thanjavur.

City houses world famous temples like Brihadeeswara Temples, enormous Museums, and Maratha Palace etc. Thanjavur is the cradle for Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form. Every year during October, the annual Birthday festival of Erstwhile King Rajaraja Chola (the king who built Brihadeeswara Temple) is celebrated as “Sathaya Thiruvizha”. Also “Carnatic Music Festival” is also organized in a town called “Thiruvaiyaru” near Thanjavur city.

Ideal river resort on Vennar River Bank, Hotel Gnanam, Tanjore Hi Boutique type Hotel, etc. will provide most memorable and exciting stay for Tourists in Tanjore. The traditional hub, Thanjavur also provides tasty and delicious South Indian Breakfast and Thali for Lunch. Tourist also should mouth watery dessert “Ashoka Halwa” which is very famous sweet of Thanjavur.

Tourists must purchase Thanjavur Paintings which are the main items for Art Collectors. One can buy these paintings and various other Handicrafts from the Government Emporiums and Handicraft Museums. Also one should buy few silk sarees with large motifs and borders. Thanjavur Thalayatti Boomai (Doll) should also be a “do-not-miss” item in your souvenir list. 

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