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World India Tamil Nadu Kumbakonam
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India Tamil Nadu Kumbakonam

About Kumbakonam

Circumscribed by River Cauvery in North and River Arasalar in South, Kumbakonam is termed as the “Temple Town.” There are many temples in Kumbakonam’s vicinity. The city belongs to Sangam Period. Even though ruled by various rulers like Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar Empires, Nayakars and Thanjavur Marathi Kings, Kumbakonam attained its pomp and glory in the period between 7th and 9th century. In British Raj, the city served as a center of excellence for European education and Hindu culture, and thus, termed as the “Cambridge of South India”. In ancient days, Kumbakonam was also termed as Kudanthai, Kudamooku, and Baskarashethram, etc.

As per religious mythology, the “Kumbha” of Lord Brahman (who creates life on earth), fell on the spot where Kumbakonam town is situated during the dissolution of earth. The Kumbha is believed to contain the seeds of all living beings. To honor this religious myth, every 12 years “Mahamaham” festival is celebrated in Kumbakonam. During “Mahamaham,” devotees take a holy dip in the Mahamaham Tank of Kumbakonam. Nearly 2 million devotees participated in this festival during the year 2004. Also there are enormous Shaiva and Vaishnava Temples in and around the Kumbakonam Town.

Sara Regency, Paradise resorts, Riverside Resort and Spa, Kasi International, etc. provide pleasant accomodation at reasonable rates for tourists in Kumbakonam.

To taste some authentic South India vegetarian food, one should pay a visit to Mami mess, Murugan Café, Rice ‘n’ Spice and Hotel Shanmuga in Kumbakonam.

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The town is popular for the brass, copper, bronze and silver vessels. So you can buy Silver crafts and vessels at reasonable rates in Kumbakonam.

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