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World India Tamil Nadu Kumbakonam Uppiliappan Temple
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India Tamil Nadu Uppiliappan Temple


Dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Uppiliappan Perumal Swamy), Uppiliappan Temple is located in Thirunageswaram nearby Kumbakonam. Being one of the 108 holy abode of Lord Vishnu, Uppiliappan temple is regarded as “South Tirupathi”. According to Brahmanda Purana, Tulasi asked Lord Vishnu to bless her with much more important as such of Goddess Lakshmi who stays on left chest of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu asked Tulasi to go to Thiruvinnagarm and stay there so that Goddess Lakshmi will incarnate on her lap as “Goddess Bhumi Devi”. So that Tulasi will be given more importance and he will accept only the Garland made up of Tulasi first and the later marry Goddess Lakshmi.

Thus when Goddess Lakshmi born as a daughter to Markendya Saint and grew up. One day Lord Vishnu disguised as old man and asked Markendya Saint to marry of his daughter to him. The sage said that his daughter is very young and she didn’t even know to cook food with proper salt. The old man said then he will take the food without salt. Being in critical situation, the sage realized it was Lord Vishnu who played as old man and asked his daughter to marry. Even now, the Prasadam to Lord Uppiliappan Swamy is offered without salt. Devotees are not allowed to take food with salt inside the temple.

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