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In the beautiful hill station of Yercaud, the skies are endlessly blue and the weather is always pleasant, never too hot nor too cold. Nestled in the hills of Shevaroy in India’s Eastern Ghats, it is both a quiet retreat and a beautiful holiday destination. And since it’s only 29 kilometers away from the city of Salem, it has become a prime location for weary city folks looking to momentarily escape their demanding city lives. Yercaud is one of the best attractions in the Eastern Ghats. The name Yercaud is derived from Tamil where ‘Yeri’ means lake and Kaadu stands for the forest. This small hill station is situated in the Shevaroys range of hills at an altitude of 1515 metres. The Servarayan Temple spotted at 1623 m is approximately the highest point. As this hill station is a famous tourist spot in south India, It is also known as ‘Jewel of the South’. This Jewel has a good fertile soil where it produces coffee and variety of fruits like oranges, bananas, pears and jackfruit.

Yercaud weather is nice for most part of the year with temperature ranging from 16 degree Celsius to late twenties. April May are the hottest month here.

Yercaud’s stunning panoramic mountain and valley views, while typical of any other hill stations in the Ghats, could easily melt anyone’s cares away. Its affordability and unique attractions, however, are really what sets it apart from all others. Perhaps this town’s most famous attractions are the Tipperary View Point in the south, which offers a view of the pure white Elephant Tooth Rocks as they sparkle in the sun; the Kiliyur Falls, which makes an impressive 300-foot jump off the hills into the valley.

The National Orchidarium and Botanical garden is another tourist attraction here. The Orchidarium spread across 18.4 hectares is maintained by Botanical Survey of India’s southern body. It is established in 1963. Orchidarium is prosperous with 3000 trees and about 1800 shrubs. The Insectivorous pitcher plant in the Botanical garden is one among the interesting plants growing there. This hill’s flora and fauna have similarity with the Western Ghats.

Yercaud Lake, which has a couple of lovely parks and boating amenities; and the Silk Farm, where visitors can witness firsthand the fascinating natural process of making silk. Offering picturesque image of the lush green meadows and hills around it make Yercaud Lake a remarkable spot. The people coming here can explore many things that Yercaud offers. Waterfalls, gardens around Lake and tall trees present you serene and calm environment.

Anna Park is another spot near to Yercaud, which provide you beautiful view of different animal species and plants in Shevaroys Hills. Anna Park is near to the Yercaud Lake, is one of the must-visit Yercaud tourist places and among one of the highest points of Servaroyan range. The Japanese Park near the Anna Park shows some ancient methods of Japanese Horticulture.

Those are but a few of the town’s many attractions, however. Yercaud has modestly beautiful temples, natural monoliths, plantations, orchards, and several more vantage points that will make any visit there all the more worthwhile. Yercaud also gives you the opportunity to have the real taste of Tamil Nadu at some of the nice restaurants located here. Many Yercaud hotels offer amazing views but prior booking of Yercaud resorts is always recommended.

Whatever you fancy is, this Jewel in the South is guaranteed to deliver.


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Travel Guide
Carry rain wear, umbrella. Its generally cloudy here and drizzles.
Travel Guide
Don’t forget to buy natural oils, coffee powder, skin care products and perfumes.
Traveller Community User
Jan 05, 2014
If you are reaching here late in night, make sure you have a hotel booking. The town sleeps early and you may face problem in finding one.
Richa Sharma
Jan 04, 2014
The climb to Yercaud is really good. The driver should be very confident on hills and hair pin bends.
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