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Mekedaatu or Mekedatu which means Goat`s Leap in Kannada is a famous picnic spot near Bangalore. There is a mythological significance attached to the place. At this point river Cauvery flows through a such a narrow gorge that there is a legend that a goat can leap across it. Mekedatu is 4 kilometers downstream from Sangama which is the confluence of two rivers – Arkavathi and Cauvery.

Even when the river here looks calm, it is quite dangerous. Hundreds of tourists have lost their lives at Mekedatu and surrounding areas. Very often water current is very strong here and a person can drown in minutes, even a small slip proves fatal here. Having said that a Mekedatu trip can still be very safe provided you take precautions. 

At Mekedatu, water flows very swiftly through the gorge that it is not really advisable to climb down the gorge or swim but one can have a dip of a lifetime. Also, the fizzling and babbling sound of water soothes the ears and sends a chill down the spine. It is a perfect place for all the trekking lovers who are in search of discovering the highest and brightest point of nature's beauty. One can also enjoy biking around the long bushy roads of Mekedatu. There are many nearby places to explore as well.  Few of them are Sangama, Chunchi Falls and Sangameshwara Temple. All these places are in the reach of 3.5 km from Mekedatu.

Mekedatu is about 100 Kms from Bangalore. Best way to reach is via driving yourself or via a Bus. You can take a bus to Kanakpura and from there local buses and vans will drop you to Mekedatu. A visit to Mekedatu is not just about nature but about adventure, mystery as well as mythological stories affiliated to the place. It is the great place to visit and get away from the hustles of Bangalore's city life and venture in the heart of Nature.

Other places that are nearby and can be visited are Bheemeshwari, Muthathi, Chunchi falls and Sangam

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Be very careful around river here. Under currents are pretty strong and many people have lost lives by drowning in river here.

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