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World India Karnataka Mandya Muthathi
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India Karnataka Muthathi


Gushing waters, rippling waves on shores, clouded hillock backdrop are trademarks of Muththathhi or Muthathi, which is a river and pulls many tourists towards it. Muththathhi is a small little town on the banks of River Cauvery near Malavalli. Though road which takes you from Kanakpura to Muththathhi is bumpy, once you get there you will be enthralled by nature’s work. Muthathi is a place where one can simply unwind and connect to the nature by indulging in nature walks on the banks of Cauvery River. It has the famous temple devoted to Lord Hanuman and Sita. Other than this temple one can enjoy the serene surroundings of this place and indulge in boat rides in the local Theepa at Muththathhi. 

A great fishing destination, Muththathhi is famous for the Mahseer fish and a variety of animals at the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Perfect place for picnicking, hiking in Revanasiddheshwara Betta (20 km) entertains the adventure seekers. T Narasipur Dam and Sathanur dam nearby Muththathhi is also worth visiting. Muththathhi is very suitable for one day trip.

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