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India Karnataka Chunchi Falls

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Just 6 kms away from Mekedatu, is located Chunchi Falls. Named after the nearby hamlet, Chunchi waterfalls pours from a height of 80 feet. The waterfall is suitable option for weekend getaway from Bangalore and trip could be coupled with Mekedatu. In order to reach the Chunchi falls you have to take a short hiking trip over slippery rocks and you need to be little careful.

Adventure lovers will surely find some this short hike little exciting. Due to forceful downfall of the Chunchi falls, the rock bed was kind of eroded and worn. But this nature’s act gives those rocky terrains a modern art touch. Chunchi falls from Bangalore is 90 Kms away. Kanakpura Bus Station on Kanakapura road is the nearest bus station. Sangam is 14 km further from Chunchi Falls while Shivanasamudra falls is 80 kilometers. 

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Travel Guide
Chunchi falls is just 14 Kms from Sangama. Mekedatu and Sangama can also be visited on same trip from Bangalore.

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