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World India Karnataka Tumkur
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Karnataka Tumkur

About Tumkur

Tumkur is a buzzing industrial town in Karnataka which is located at a distance of 70 KMs from Bangalore. National highway 4 passes through Tumkur, so conveyance is not an issue. You can board a bus from Bangalore as number of them passes Tumkur every 5 minute. Tumkur is a hilly area with water streams and greenery supplementing to the beauty of the place. The hills of 4000 feet touch the sky and rivers like Krishna and Cauvery makes their way through these hills.

Hiking in the nearby Siddaganga hills and Ramadevara betta are the most preferred and enjoyable activities to do and places to visit around Tumkur. Tumkur is a hub of cotton cloth, woolen blanket and rope making industries. Tumkur although in an industrial town but their various sites that make this district worth a visit. Sri Siddaganga mutt is one such location where around 8000 students are provided free education, boarding and lodging. Devarayna durga and Kaidaala are two other famous religious sites that attract devotees in masses every year. Kaidaala temple is also known for its architecture which is commendable. Goravanahalli, Siddara betta, Yediyur, Kunigal farm and Pavagada fort are also very famous places of Tumkur that catches the tourist's eye.

Tumkur offers some really good food that can activate your taste buds.if you wish to eat the most traditional food stuff like Idly then Kyatsandra is the place you should opt for. Pavitra, ravi Darshan hotel also serves you the most delicious at the least rates. The service is available throughout the day.

The central city market gives you access to various branded and non-branded items so as to double your language by shopping in the streets of Tumkur.

Accommodation is also not a problem in the district as the place is well known for its hospitality. Woodlands hotel, Nanjundeshwara hotel, Vigneshwara comforts are the destinations you can prefer to relax after a packed and busy schedule with in the district. The only problem you could face is with the language. So get a crisp hand over English or the regional language of the place, else you would land in a problematic situation. 

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