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World India Karnataka Mandya Kokkare Bellur
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India Karnataka Kokkare Bellur


The tiny hamlet, Kokkare Bellur near Mandya got its name from Painted Stork which is found in abundant in the village. Surrounded by many water tanks and thick green vegetation, the Village Kokkare Bellur attracts enormous migratory birds especially Spotted Pelican and Painted Stork. Villagers themselves preserve these birds as their own heritage and they believe these birds give them prosperity. A strange attachment exists between these migratory birds and the villagers. Villagers consider these birds as their herald of good omen. It is really astonishing that every year, these birds choose the same tree they have used in previous migratory season.

The bird droppings which are rich in phosphorus and potassium are utilized as manure for farms. Thus Kokkare Bellur pulls many bird watchers and tourists towards it. Kokkare Bellur is 70 Km away from Bangalore and is a perfect one day getaway. Local Guides are available. Few Eateries are established by local people for benefiting tourists.

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