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World India Kerala Kodungallur
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India Kerala Kodungallur

About Kodungallur

One of the municipalities in Thrissur of Kerala State, Kodungallur, once had the greatest ancient seaport called "Muziris". This seaport was established in the period of 100 BCE – 1341 CE.

Kodungallur is home to one of the seven churches (Ezharapallikal) established by Apostle Saint Thomas in 1st century. The city has the Cranganore Portugal Fort, palaces and temples which take you back to the historical period. The Bharani festival celebrated in the "Bhagavathy Temple" is very famous among the devotees of Bhagavathy.

The Vedic Village resort in Kodungallur offers pleasant stay for Tourists. One must not miss out on the local cuisines specially the lip-smacking seafood delicacies. 

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