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World India Kerala Munnar
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India Kerala Munnar

About Munnar

Colonial hideout from times gone by, Munnar was the favored summer resort of the British in the South India. Deep in the tea plantations, with its terraced hillside irrigation as a setting, the town itself is a combination of traditional Indian shops and guest house and old colonial style buildings and architecture. Its picturesque setting, and nobility based architectural lineage has made it a haven for honeymooners and tourists alike. This hilly region is located in Idukki District of Kerala State in South India. Vast tea plantations, green lush meadows, sprawling mountain valleys makes it a much sought after tourist destination in Southern India. It is also a “Honeymooner’s Paradise.”

In the middle of 19th century, an Englishmen named Mr. John Manro established tea plantations here. Mr. Manro along with the help of local tribe head “Kannan Thevar”, acquired 588 acres of land in Munnar Mountain. They got permission from his highness “Maharaja of Poonjar” before acquiring the land. Mr. Manro believed that this region is best suited for tea plantation. Thus, slowly tea plantation has developed here and more people moved in Munnar. Initially caradomom, coffee, and zinchno were cultivated before shifting to tea plantation. The tea powder manufactured here was named after the local tribe head ”Kannan Thevar,” as Kanna Devan Tea Limited. Later this company was acquired by Tata Finlay Group. Most of the locations in Munnar are pristine.

The region is free from concrete jungles and artificial creations. Paragliding, hiking and trekking to Anaimudi Hill are few activities which pulls the adventure seekers towards Munnar. Border view and Top Stations are most exciting sights in Munnar. Mattupetty Dam is worth a visit. Attukal Falls and Ervikulam (Rajamalai national Park) can also be visited if schedule permits.

There are many excellent hotels and resorts which has enticing green ambience as a view. Grand Plaza, Camp Noel, Elysium Garden Hill Resorts, Swiss County are few of the best amongst the rest. If one wants to taste pure vegetarian delicacies, then they can opt for Saravan Bhavan Restaurant. Copper Castle is much suited for couples. For authentic Kerala Cuisine, tourists can visit Silver Spoon Restaurant.

As far as shopping is concern, Munnar offers the tourists with some exotic spices, variety of tea powders (ginger, cardamom, vanilla, etc.), green tea pouches and many others. Nilavilakku, a much famed Kerala type of Lamp can be purchased at reasonable rates from handicraft emporiums.

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The best seasons to visit Munnar are the times between April and June and from September to December, when the Climate of Munnar is at its very best.
During monsoons thick fog envelopes the road after sunset so driving at night could be avoided with no street lights and zero visibility.
Jan 08, 2014
The roads here are not very good. If you are driving you should be confident on hills and narrow hilly routes, else hire a professional driver.
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