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Devikulam , Munnar

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Hill-station, Scenic, Vista Point
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Malayalam and Tamil
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Devikulam is a pleasant hillock is located 7 KMs away from Munnar. Its velvety meadows will tempt the tourists to walk in barefoot on them. When traveling consists of landscaped natural beauty and ancient legends then the combination proves to be absolutely magical that it almost seems beguiling. Devikulam is one such hill station which appears to be miniscule in size but in actuality can take your breath away. 

Snuggled up in a blanket of clouds and just unadulterated oxygen, it is a small village, located around 12 kilometers south west from the famous town of Munnar, Kerala. The word Devikulam literally translates to ‘Devi’ which stands for Goddess and ‘Kulam’ which means Lake. The salubrious hills nestle a lake (Devikulam Lake or Sita Devi Lake), and legend suggests that Goddess Sita bathed in the sparkling waters of Devikulam while they resided in the nearby forests during the exile period. The plantations of tea and spices are groomed so impeccably that ‘perfection’ becomes an understatement. The aroma of the fields in the deep fresh air is just what an explorer needs to rekindle the lost spirit. So the next time my friend you’re in Munnar, Devikulam is unarguably a must visit, and more than that serves as a much craved therapy.

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