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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary , Munnar

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Kerala Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

About Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Shaped out of varying landforms, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary hosts a variety of flora and fauna-based attractions. It falls under the rain shadow district of the Western Ghats and was presented with the status of a wildlife sanctuary in August 1984.

A variety of habitats like thorny dry forests, Shola forests, grasslands, deciduous forests, and shrub forests co-exist with each other at the sanctuary. The Sanctuary houses a wide range of medicinal plants, reptiles, animals, birds, fishes, and insects such as the Grizzled Giant Squirrel, the White Bison, the Saw Scaled Viper, the Star Tortoise, the Yellow Throated Bulbul, and the Tor Khudree.

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary successfully brings in hordes of visitors each year because of the numerous eco-tourism activities it provides. Tourists can take part in treks to the Thoovanam Falls or to archaeological and cultural sites. Visitors can also indulge in bird, wildlife and butterfly watching or they can take part in various interpretation activities. Many prefer to engage themselves by taking nature trails up to the watchtower.

The Vasyappara Camp Shed is also a popular destination. Apart from all of these things tourists can also spend some time at the various tree and log houses.

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