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World India Kerala Bekal Bekal Fort
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India Kerala Bekal Fort


Soaring high and tall against the rocky shore of Arabian Sea, Bekal Fort situated in the small village of Pallikkara, Kasargod district is one of the largest bastions of Kerala. The fort was erected by Shivappa Nayaka of Bednore in 1650 for purely defense causes as no significant palace remains are discovered. The location’s uninterrupted history is something worth exploring; it has experienced the reign of Indian royal dynasties as well the dwelled under the rule of refined Sultans and has also survived the colonial era of British Raj.

Bekal Fort is a large, keyhole shaped structure that stands still as the sea laps against the rocks beneath. The head of the red brown fort is the circular head of the fort. Here there are spaces where cannons rested centuries ago. A long, linear walkway leads away. That is the head of the fort. The grounds are a collection of walls, walkways and citadels. The total grounds are over 40 acres. Trenches surround the fort, which is believed to have been built in 1650 AD. There is a pleasant beach adjacent to the fort. 

One of the most interesting sections of the fort is the Observation Tower built by Tipu Sultan which gives a delightful, panoramic view of the oceanic backdrop, once a vital strategic position for military reasons. The 35 acres fortress nestled a recently excavated temple compound and a Darbar along with some coins belonging to the period of Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. The Archeological Survey of India is currently manages the preservation and maintenance of the fort. The travelers must stop by the breath taking Bekal Beach, a rare mosque of Manik Deenar and the 9th Century ancient Lake Temple of Ananthpura abot 30 kilometers away from Bekal.

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