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World India Karnataka Manipal Kudremukh
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India Karnataka Kudremukh


Kudremukh or Kuduremukha is a trekker’s delight as it offers a range of trekking routes from simple to tough. The personal favorite of all trekkers is a route to Hanumana Gundi where water falls from 100 ft. This place gets its name as it resembles a horse face(Kudremukh in Kannada) and is the source of River Tunga, Bhadra and Nethravathi. The Kudremukh peak and its surroundings are famous for its shoal grasslands, which are a sight to watch.

Also visit the cave that has idols of Varaha and Bhagavathi 1.8 m deep inside. Another famous spot in the region is the Kadambi fall which enchants all.  Do indulge in spotting the tigers at the Kudremukh peak that is a part of Bhandra Tiger Sanctuary. Mangalore is about 130 KMs from Kudremukh.

This area was declared Kudremukh National Park in 1987 to protect the endangered Lion-tailed Macaques.

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