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World India Karnataka Manipal Kundadri Hill, Shimoga
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India Karnataka Kundadri Hill, Shimoga


Kundadri Hill is located in the Western Ghats in the Shimogha District of Karnataka. Kundadri is mountain peak crowning dense forests. As well as the lush mountainside, there is a Jain temple at the top of the mountain. It is known to have provided shelter to Kundakunda Acharya more than thousands of years ago which brought about the birth of this Jain holy place. It holds a Jain temple dedicated to the Tirthankara built in the 17th century. This temple is enclosed by two ponds that were formed by the rocks. Though the Jain temple is not that spectacular, the view and air quality makes the walk worthwhile. There are two natural ponds next to the temple. Lotus flowers and fish can be found in the pools. 

You can make a one day outing out of this place while covering Agumbe which is also a great sunset point like this. It is advised to go during Monsoons or to vising in the mornings or evenings for a mesmerizing view. It is only about 75 km from Udupi, well connected by buses. But if you want to drive to this place, beware of the sharp turns and steep slopes. You can also choose to trek up to the top but it is a challenging trek through the lush green forest, blessed with a scenic view.

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