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World India Karnataka Chikmagalur Mullayanagiri Peak
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India Karnataka Mullayanagiri Peak


Trekkers, explorers, nature lovers and adventurers you have just found the place you were eagerly looking for. Located in the gorgeous Chikmagalur at a distance of approximately 187 Kms from Bengaluru, Mulayanagiri is a part of the Baba Budan Giri Hill ranges in the Western Ghats. At 1930 mts / 6330 feet, Mullayanagiri Peak, is the highest peak in the state of Karnataka.

Mulayanagiri is a place for the trekkers and if you have plans to scale mountains in the future, this is a grand place to start with. Mullayanagiri Trek is a very short hike actually and can be done by almost anybody. You start the trek from Sarpadhari. It’s a 4 Kms trek and really steep at places which are why it is grand and thrilling. The sights are breath-taking and the sensations exuberant when the cold wind-gusts blow on your face. The views from this peak are amazing and one can see deep valleys with lush green vegetation below. It feels like washing your face with mint soap. There's a tiny Shiv temple at the pinnacle. It’s so beautiful! You actually feel the lord's presence here. If the angels had to select a place to spend time, they'd certainly select a place like the Mulayanagiri peak top. Atop the peak is a Shiva temple. You are just about the luckiest person on earth if you manage to get to the top at dawn or dusk, especially dawn. That will be one unforgettable sight that will make you forget everything for a few moments. It's God at his artistic best. Lastly don't forget to spend a few moments at the tiny statue of Nandi located in a cave under a huge tree deep inside wild shrubs. The point is full of flowers and extremely pretty. Visit to Mullayanagiri is a must-do activity when coming to Chikmagalur. Weather around the peak is misty and windy on most days which make short 'not too difficult' hike to the peak a memorable experience. It’s better to carry a jacket or rain coat along if you plan to climb up the peak. This place is indeed a must-see.

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Way to the top is a short hike from vehicle parking area. Its usually quite windy here.