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How To Spend 3 Days in Goa


The exotic state of Goa seems miniscule in the shadow of its neighbouring states, but its only when you cross the border and face the party capital of India, that you realize all the wonderful things you get to see and do in Goa. Golden beaches, buoyant tourists, water sports, thrilling beach shacks, soul-stirring Goan curry, extraordinary party experience, Portuguese architecture, flea markets that will force you to redo your entire closet….. the list is never-ending! And when you have to decide how to spend three days in Goa, it becomes a difficult task.

It’s not possible to encounter every adventure that Goa offers when you have a time limit. So, to devour the best of Goa on a short trip for three days, you need to make sure that you have a crisp itinerary, basic knowledge about Goa and a clear mind of what you want to enjoy.

Best time to visit Goa

Goa experiences three seasons, summer, monsoon or rainy and winters. Best time to visit Goa is during winters that run from October to March. Temperature ranges between 21°C to 28°C. It’s the perfect time for sunbathing, water sports, night parties and sightseeing.

Where To Stay in Goa

This decision will form the base for your trip to Goa. Since you have three days to capture the best from the long list of Goan adventures, you need to choose a place close to staple experiences that every tourist wants from a trip to Goa. If its your first trip to this state, you should definitely stay in North Goa. You can enjoy sunbathing, compulsive eating, window shopping, bar hopping and Portuguese flavours very conveniently in North Goa.

3 Day Goa Itinerary - Beach Resorts in Goa

Vagator, Anjuna, Baga and Calungate are ideal spots for a short trip. You can book your hotel depending on your budget. You can also stay in Morjim, Arambol or Ashwem for a less crowded experience. We’ve covered the pros and cons for North and South Goa, you can read it for a more detailed perspective. We’ll be focusing on the strip from Vagator to Calungate as it’s the more popular and general choice for vacationers.

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Day 1:

Check into your hotel, freshen up and without wasting any time head outside. First thing to do in Goa, undoubtedly, is visiting a beach. Choose the nearest beach from your hotel; Vagator, Anjuna, Baga or Calungate and camp there for the afternoon. You can enjoy water sports like banana boat ride, jet-skiing, surfing or take the lazy road and go for a quick swim followed by a nap under the sun. For lunch you can devour delicious Goan curry with a beer at one of the many beach shacks.

3 Days in Goa - Watersports in Goa

After enjoying a soothing sunset, head back to your room. Change into your party clothes and board the train to some of the best clubs in India. You need to check which club is playing the your favourite genre of music. Some nights it will be trance, others techno or Bollywood. So its best to check whether your favourite club is on the same page as you.

3 Days in Goa - Places to party in Goa

Here’s our list of best nightclubs in Goa. You can visit Waters Lounge and Grill, Tito’s Bollywood Club and Retro Bar or SinQ for tantalizing drinks and food paired with soulful music.

Ps: Avoid partying all night. You don’t want to lose a day to hangover.


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Day 2:

Calungate and Baga have great brunch options. You can visit any nearby café and fill yourself up for a brand new sunny day! Panaji is roughly an hour from the Vagator-Calungate stretch. You can rent a bike for a better and more fun experience. Panaji is booming with Portuguese architecture and is the best source if you want to explore the native Goan lifestyle.

From here you can continue towards Old Goa and visit rusty churches if you are craving more colonial flashbacks. Or, You can take a small detour and enjoy a walk through the spice plantations in Ponda. Drive back to your hotel. Grab an evening snack at Curlies in Anjuna Beach and enjoy the spectacular view as the sun sets.

3 Days in Goa - Churches in North Goa

You can alternately avoid Old Goa and Panaji if you don’t enjoy old architecture and instead visit beautiful beaches up north. Arambol, Morjim and Ashwem are great options for serene and stunning afternoon views. You can also enjoy a yoga retreat or meditation session near the beach. Ashwem is the best spot for surfing. Grab a quick bite at La Plage in Ashwem and head back for another session of epic clubbing in Goa. Check which club is playing your favourite genre and sway your night away!


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Day 3:

Wake up early, head to the beach for a beautiful sunrise and relish a light breakfast at any nearby café on your way back. Last day in Goa calls for a shopping fiasco. It’s not possible to visit Goa and not enjoy the thrilling experience of splurging money on souvenirs, clothes, footwear, jewellery and antiques.

You can start at Tia’s shop in Anjuna, which is widely popular for affordable and trendy clothes. Grab a healthy lunch at Natti’s Naturals Café and continue exploring this touristy stretch between Arpora and Anjuna. If you’re here on a Wednesday, don’t forget to visit Anjuna Flea market. Saturday night market in Arpora and Friday market in Mapusa are equally good options for restocking your trendy collectible section.

3 Days in Goa - Treks, Yoga and Relaxation

By this time you’ll be as hungry as a horse, head to Thalassa on Vagator cliff before sunset for picturesque view of Goa and devour amazing Greek food. Blue Bird and The Mango Tree are equally good options for dinner and drinks. Since it’s never enough when it comes to partying in Goa, cross out any remaining clubs from your must-visit list and celebrate your last day dancing under the stars. If you’re bored of clubbing, you can rent a bike and scout for mesmerizing views of Goa at night. Casinos are also great alternatives if you enjoy blackjack.

There are so many things you can do in this small state. Plan your trip wisely and enjoy Goa at its best. For more planned itinerary visit Top tours and activities in Goa.



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