Hampta Pass Trek - All You Need to Know

Hampta Pass Trek Guide – All You Need to Know

At an altitude of 14,035 feet, Hampta Pass is the corridor connecting the valleys of Kullu and Lahaul in the Spiti Valley. Also known as the crossover trek, this is a good initiation to high altitude Himalayan trekking in Himachal Pradesh. This Hampta Pass trek guide will give you all the information you need to know to decide on best Hampta pass trip and plan a great trekking experience.

Hampta pass with the trek to the Chandra Tal lake is the most popular trek option. But the moon lake, Chandratal is only accessible in summer once the condition of the pass improves and it opens by the end of June. Chandartal lake is located at a height of 4,300 meters (14,100 feet).

The day temperature during Hampta Pass Trek can range from 13-18 degree Celsius while at night it can drop to 0 degree Celsius. The trek to the Hampta promises dramatic terrain and scenery changes.  Maple forests, cold deserts, glaciers, towering mountains, alpine lakes and meadows: This beautiful trek to Hampta Pass will be an ‘All Inclusive’ experience for any mountain lover.

The variety is not limited to the scenery. Actual trek difficulty also varies from itinerary to itinerary, from moderate to challenging. To experience Hampta, you have five options to choose from. Trekking beyond Hampta pass to Chandratal lake and further to Kunzum La, Kibber is in the options as well. There is even an option to enjoy this trek with some luxury. Know all you need to know about Hampta and make an informed decision on which option suits you the best.

If you are looking to do this trek coming summer and are confused you are not to blame. There are many itineraries available and you wouldn’t know which one is best or what you are missing in a particular itinerary.


1) Hampta Pass Trek 2019

Hampta Pass Trek 2019

In this itinerary Hampta Pass Trek 2019 – Start with a nice drive from Pirni to Jobra. After the one hour drive, the actual trek starts from Jobra. From there it will be a two-hour ascent through a maple forest till we reach the camp site at Chika. First 2 days of the trek we pass through dense forest of pine and oak trees followed by vibrant lush green alpine meadows.

We camp beside the serene Rani Nallah stream gushing with crystal clear water from the glaciers. From there, we hike to the Balu ka Ghera meadow the next day. After two days of the trekking, reach Hampta pass on the third day. On the same day come back to the lush green Balu ka Gera and spend the night there. The next day, return to Chika and all the way back to Manali on the fifth and the last day.

Hampta Pass Trek – Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Manali to Chikka via Jobra – Drive and trek

Day 2: Chikka to Balu Ka Gera (5-6 hours easy trek)

Day 3: Balu ka Gera – Hampta Pass (14,100 ft.) – Balu ka Gera (8 hours moderate trek).

Day 4: Balu ka Gera to Jobra to Chikka (7-8 hrs)

Day 5: Trek from Chikka to Pirni, Manali


Best For: This is the classic Hampta Pass trek itinerary and suggested for most people with some prior experience of a moderate trek.

Crossing the water stream during hampta pass trek


2) Hampta Pass Trek – 4 Days

Hampta pass trek 4 days

This 4 Day Hampta Pass Trek itinerary is for trekkers who don’t have an extra day to spare and are short on time. The first three days of the trek remains the same but there will be a slight change then on. The three days of the trek from Jobra takes you to the Hampta Pass. After that, rather than spending one more day at the Chikka campsite we drive back to Pirni from Jobri and finally the journey ends in Manali..

Hampta Pass Trek – 4 Day Trek Details

Day 1: Manali – Prini – Jobri – Chikka, 40 mins drive – 3/4 hrs trek

Day 2: Chikka to Bhalu Ka Ghera, 5/6 hrs trek

Day 3: Bhalu Ka Ghera – Hampta Pass (4270 m) – Bhalu Ka Ghera, 7/8 hrs trek

Day 4: Bhalu Ka Ghera to Jobri – Drive to Manali, 6/7 hrs trek, 1 hrs drive


Best For: This is the shortened Hampta Pass trek itinerary. This is best suited for people who do not have time for the classic itinerary and have some prior experience of a moderately challenging trek. 

Snow peak view of the hampta pass trek



3) Hampta Pass Trek with Luxury Swiss Tents Stay

Hampta pass trek with luxury camping in sethan

The itinerary of the Hampta Pass Trek with Luxury Swiss Tents Stay remains the same but add cozy beds in the luxury Swiss tents and a celebratory dinner for this one. You get to spend two nights in the Swiss tents. One night before start of the trek and one after it. The camps are located at Sethan. Spending a night in the tents is a perfect opportunity for you to relax and relish the memories of the trek and also acclimatize properly. Little beyond Sethan you get picturesque views of snow capped peaks of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Mountain ranges.

Hampta Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Manali – Prini – Sethan | Drive from Prini to Sethan

Day 2: Sethan – Chikka – Bhalu ka Ghera (3530m), 6/7 hours trek

Day 3: Bhalu Ka Ghera – Hampta Pass (4270 m) – Bhalu Ka Ghera, 7/8 hrs moderate trek

Day 4: Bhalu Ka Ghera – Sethan, 6/7 hrs trek

Day 5: Sethan – Prini (Manali), 1 hrs drive

Best For: This trek is recommended for trekkers who do not have too much of prior trekking experience and are looking to do a high altitude Himalayan trek. This is also recommended for people looking for a touch of luxury in the wild. 


Swiss camps in Sethan during Hampta pass trek



4) Hampta Pass with Chandratal

Hampta pass trek with Chndratal

Trek to Hampta Pass with Chandratal and go beyond the other side, to Spiti.  The dramatic change in the terrain will baffle and delight you at the same time. If the Kullu region is adorned with greenery then the Spiti region shows its beauty through its unique landscape. Among the bareness and looming brown mountains lies Chandratal, the moon lake. After a steep climb we reach Hampta pass on the third day, and after crossing the pass we trek down to Siagoru and camp for the night there.

Shea Goru is the coldest place you reach during this high altitude expedition.The next day, we have to cross a small stream and follow it down to the Chandra river. That decent is a bit steep but not too hard to manage. From there, we trek to Chandratal via Batal and Kunzum La. Camping beside the amazing alpine lake will be one of a kind experience. On the next day, drive back all the way back to Manali via Chhatru Rohtang Pass and Marhi.

Hampta Pass with Chandratal Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Manali – Pirni – Chikka |3530 m – 40 min drive, 3-4 hrs trek

Day 2: Chikka to Balu Ka Gera | 3530 m – 4-5 hrs trek

Day 3: Balu Ka Gera to Hampta Pass (4298 m) to Shea Goru | 7 hrs trek

Day 4: Shea Goru to Chattru to Batal to Kunzum La (4590 m) to Chandratal | 3-4 hrs trek

Day 5: Chandratal – Batal – Chatru – Rohtang Pass – Marhi – Manali, 7-8 hrs drive

Best For: Recommended for trekkers who want to go all the way to Chandratal after crossing the Hampta Pass. This is relatively toughest of all the options. Only people with prior trekking experience should go for this or they must be in good physical shape.


Chandratal lake during Hampta pass trek



5) Hampta Pass with Chandratal via Kunzum La, Ki & Kibber

Hampta pass trek with chandratal and ki and kibber

In the Hampta Pass with Chandratal via Kunzum La, Ki & Kibber itinerary too, we reach Chandratal at day five. On the next day, we drive to Kaza. During the drive over the Kunzum La (4590 m) pass, witness the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas. The beauty of a high altitude cold dessert adorned with glacier and steep valleys are nothing short of gorgeous. Visit Ki Monastery and the Kibber village located nearby. This is a chance for you to learn and experience the culture and lifestyle of the people of the Himachal mountains.

Hampta Pass with Chandratal via Kunzum La, Ki & Kibber Itinerary

Day 1: Manali – Prini – Sethan | 1 hrs Drive

Day 2: Sethan – Jobri – Chikka – Bhalu Ka Ghera (3627 m) | 8 Kms – 6 hrs trek

Day 3: Balugherach – Hampta Pass (4298 m) to Shiya Goru | 5 Kms – 6 hrs trek

Day 4: Shea Goru – Chattru – Chandratal (4270 m) | 4 hrs Trek and 2 hrs drive

Day 5: Chandratal – Kunzum La – Ki Monastery – Kibber – Losar – Batal – Rohtang – Manali

Day 6: Explore Manali

Best For: Recommended for trekkers who want  to see Chandratal Lake and then get a glimpse of Spiti Valley. 


Hampta pass trek with chandratal and ki & Kibber


In every trek, all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner during trekking are included. Menu is usually vegetarian though eggs may be offered on some treks. It is advisable to carry energy bars with you to give you energy while on treks between your meals.

How to Reach Starting Point of Hampta Trek

Closest airport happens to be Bhuntar near Kullu. It is about 50 km from Manali. Flights from Delhi to this airport are few and costly. Once you reach Bhuntar you can take a taxi to Manali or Pirni which is the base location of this trip. Taxi to your destination in Manali would cost about 1000 to 1500 rupees.  Best way to do Hampta Pass from Manali is via Prini.

Recommended Way to Reach Manali

Best way to reach Manali for Hampta Pass trek is by road and taking an overnight Volvo from Delhi. Try to get Himachal Roadways bus. They are the best in every way. Bus tickets can be booked online on redbus.in or www.hrtc.gov.in. Travel time is about 11-12 hours and most buses from Delhi leave ISBT Kashmiri Gate or Majnu-ka-tila stand in evening between 5-8pm. Make sure you reach Manali early enough if you are planning to start trek the same day. 

If you are a group you can opt to hire a cab or a tempo traveller and those ways you would get a lot of freedom in your movement all along the way. Some trek package offer Delhi-Manali bus tickets as well. 

How many days are required for Hampta Pass Trek?

As you can see above, our Hampta Pass trek itineraries vary from 4 to 6 days. The difference in number of days primarily depends on the route and itinerary chosen to reach or cross Hampta Pass. It also depends upon if you are going all the way to Chandratal lake as well or not. These days most common trek duration is 4 days for just Hampta pass and 5 days if you are going Chandrataal also.

Some Hampta pass trek itineraries include some areas of Spiti as well like Kunzum La and Kibber which may make the trek duration to 6 or 7 days. If you do not have lot of experience of trekking in Himalayas then we recommend you opt for a little relaxed itinerary. These days some operators have started giving a shortest 3 day Hampta pass trek as well, although we do not recommend it.

And of course if you are a decent sized group, you can always get the itinerary customized to your needs but then trek cost may go a little higher as well. Also check weather forecast for your dates before booking. Be always prepared for weather to take a turn as you never know how weather would be on any given day. It always helps to have a buffer day in your itinerary.


Best Time to do Hampta Pass Trek

The short answer to this would be that trekkers can go for this in the month of May to the first week of October. But best time or possibility depends on the trek itinerary chosen as well. Just Hampta pass trek which takes 4 days can be done in the month of May as well as the trail is open by then. But if you want to go all the way to Chandratal then that is possible only post mid-June. Amount of snow previous winters also dictates what the conditions are going to be actually like. Temperature wise June and late August are good but July onwards you might have to face some rain showers.

When it comes to weather, no one can say for sure but if you plan your trekking adventure well you can have the best of experience. Carry trek essentials and if you have a good trek leader who knows what he is doing then you will be best prepared to meet all eventualities. 

How Difficult is Hampta Pass Trek


The Hampta Pass trek is a moderate to challenging trek. Actual difficulty level of Hampta Pass trek depends on some variable factors like weather and exact itinerary also. In best of conditions yes it is a moderate trek. Come bad weather and you can find it tough enough.

This trek is safe provided all expected guidelines and directions from staff are followed. Average distance covered on  day on this trek is about about 7-8 km which is not a lot actually. Trekker must be well prepared both physically and mentally. Trekking shoes and proper warm clothing is a must. Rain protection should be carried in backpack even if rains are not predicted in weather forecast.


How to Prepare for Hampta Pass Trek & Fitness Required

Although you do not need to get trained as a GI Joe since you would be going to an altitude of almost 15,000 feet, you need to make sure your lungs are prepared for this.

You should start cardiovascular endurance work-out by jogging every day. Begin with slow jogs and increase your pace every day. On a treadmill set an incline and increase it as you progress, this will get your muscles ready for high altitude trekking. Besides this also do some strength training especially focused on calf, thigh and shoulders.


The best time for Hampta pass trek is June onwards till September mid. The crossover trek to the moon lake – Chandratal will only start from July onwards. That gives you time to plan your days well. In case you still have any queries, feel free to contact Trodly support at support@trodly.com.

Happy trekking!

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