Indias most visited place

India’s most visited place is not the Taj Mahal!


Even with its position among the eight wonders of the world Taj mahal is not the most visited place in India. The Grand Marble edifice is still a wonder and it will stay a wonder forever, but 600 km away from Agra, Amritsar brags hosting most visitors in the whole wide world!

The no of daily visitors in Golden temple is a staggering 100,000!

With The Golden Temple, Heritage streets, biggest Kitchen in the world and a scrumptious local cuisine to explore this number is not a surprise.

Golden Temple: The Most Visited Religious Place in the World

Amritsar and not Taj Mahal, Agra

The Golden Temple in Amritsar has been awarded the ‘most visited place of the world’ by World Book of Records’ (WBR), a London-based organisation that catalogues and verifies world records. Golden temple got this prestigious position with a footfall of more than 1 lakh visitors daily!

A number which is not likely to be outmatched any time soon!

Achievements like this are not new for Golden temple, it was ranked number three in the travellers’ choice landmarks’ list of a leading travel planning and booking site ‘Trip Advisor’. And the most surprising thing here is Amritsar ranked three where Taj Mahal found fifth place!


The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple (Sri Harimandir Sahib) is the most sacred religious centre for Sikhs. It is the symbol of human brotherhood and equality. People from all around the world irrespective of their cast or religion are welcome here, which is symbolised by the doors open to all four directions. The city also houses the Akal Takht, the highest seat of earthly authority of the Khalsa, and the committee responsible for the upkeep of Gurdwaras.

India’s Mega kitchen – Amritsar has the Biggest Kitchen in the World

Amritsar Mega Kitchen - Golden Temple


This doesn’t mean that the glory days of Tajmahal is over, it’s just people started to know more about Punjab and its interesting culture. The langar where every people who visit the temple serve food to more than thousand people per day and the number can reach ten times this during holidays. But no matter the crowd nobody will be left hungry during a meal time in Golden temple!

Brimming with nice people, good food and interesting culture there’s no surprise Amritsar is one of the top picks for travellers from across the world.


Amrit Sarovar (Holy Tank)

Amtisar Golden Temple at Night - Holy Pond - Sarovar

The main temple complex is located at the centre of Amritsarovar. ‘Amrit’ means the nectar of immortality and ‘sar’ or ‘sarovar’ means pond, this is the etymology behind the name Amritsar. The city was founded by Guru Raam Das, the fourth spiritual master of the Sikhs, who also ordered the excavation of the pond. It is said that the water in this holy tank possess healing power. The water is always kept clean and devotees can take dip in it at designated spots and nobody is allowed to swim.


Central Sikh Museum 

Established in 1958 Central Sikh museum is must visit fi you are at the Golden temple Complex. It will give you a fair idea about the Sikh culture and authentic information on their history. This Museum exhibits paintings of Sikh gurus, saints, Sikh warriors and other prominent Sikh leaders who have contributed to the enhancement of Sikh religion. It also holds a rich collection of coins, old arms and ancient manuscripts. You can also use the library which is also a part of the museum.


Monument of Victory of Sikhs 

The story goes like this; at the year of 1786 S. Jassa Singh Ramgarhia along with his other companions conquered redfort. After that, they took the  the coronation marble slab of the Mughal Throne, while sitting upon which emperor Aurangzeb passed edicts for conversion of Hindus were removed by S. Jassa Singh Ramgarhia  and bought to Amrtsar chained like a prisoner and presented to the Guru. This slab is 6ft. 3 inch long 4 ft. 6 inch broad and 9 inch thick and is available duly caged on the first floor of the Bunga. The Monument of victory was built in remembrance of the victory of Sikhs over the Mughals.


The Heritage Streets of Amritsar

The streets of Amritsar are the celebration of smell and color. From here you can treat yourself with some finest cuisines. The heritage street of Amritsar is as much a shock to the senses as it is a delight. Right now under the HRIDAYA project a part of the city was given a facelift. With most of the heritage buildings restored the streets have a better look with less congestion without compromising the ethnicity of Amritsar.

The Food in Amritsar

Amritsar and not Agra, Taj Mahal - Food in Amritsar

For the people of Punjab food is everything! They love making it and love it more when eating it. And who can blame them for falling in love with some of the best cuisines you can find in India! Kulchas, lassies, jilebies you name it, the best version of everyone of them will be here in Punjab and there’s no better place in Punjab than Amritsar for finding them. There’s even a village named Kulcha near Amritsar. Need I say more, No other Kulchas from anywhere can beat the kind you find here.

The Golden City with a Golden HIndia’s most Visited Placeeart

There’s always more than what I mentioned above. The Golden temple where they entire world is welcome, The love of the people, The Food we will fall in love may all these factors pawed the way for finding a prestigious position in the heart of a global traveller placing it well above the marble wonder. May be one day, with the unending, unconditional love and hospitality of its people Amritsar will reach the top becoming the first choice of a traveller!


By Rohan

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