10 Exciting Things To Do in Kerala

The serene backwaters of Alleppy, magnificent hills of Munnar and the vibrant culture of Cochin, might not be a ‘Gods own country’ but its definitely is treasure chest of wonders and marvels. A back water cruise through the back waters of Alleppy will ease your mind, a bike ride through the valleys and woods of Munnar will humble you and the history and culture of Kochi will poke your curious mind. Take a look inside into a world of rich culture, spices, untamed nature and interesting history and find out the best 10 outdoor exciting Things To Do in Kerala.


1) Trekking in Munnar


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Munnar


Munnar is literally a paradise for trekking junkies and easily the best destination for trekking in Kerala. The not so cold temperature with green canopies and spectacular views of mountains hiding their head in fog is something worth the sweat and deep breaths. There are several treks in Munnar which you can enjoy. Some of them are Chokramudi, Lakshmi Hill Trek, and the offbeat Meeshapulimala. Just make sure that you are with an experienced guide who really knows this place. Some of the places are prawn to wild animals especially elephants taking a stroll in the night.


There aren’t any airports or Railway stations in Munnar. The nearest Airport Cochin International Airport is 110 km away and Railway station is also at nearly 110km away. The best way to reach Munnar is by hiring a cab or by any state-run or private buses from any major towns in nearby districts.


2) Explore Gavi


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Gavi


Gavi is relatively a new discovery even for the Malayalees. A journey through the thick jungle on a local KSRTC bus is more than enough to enjoy the raw nature this place offers. The chances of your chariot end up face to face with wild elephants are really high.


Since it is also a part of Periyar Tiger Reserve Gavi also brags quite a few wildlife like leopardsbears, Indian gaursambar etc.


Other than the bus ride there are several routes and places you can wander around in Gavi which can cure your appetite on spending time with some natural beauty.


The best way to explore Gavi is by the state-run KSRTC which you can find from the nearby Pathanamthitta KSRTC depot.


3) Shhhhhhhh…… it’s Silent Valley!


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Silent Valley


Spend half hour in this place and you would have to get rid of half the health risks you got from the city life. You can literally vouch for the name ‘silent Valley’. This is also the second largest wildlife sanctuary in kerala.


If you want to listen to the true and non-polluted sounds of Mother Nature then silent valley is the place. The wildlife in the silent valley has a unique member, the Lion-tailed macaque in the list. But to be frank, running into any wild animal is really low but each and every second you spent in here will give you a sense and freshness to your mind, spotting an elephant or a leopard will be a cherry on top.


The nearest Railway station is almost 70 km away while the Airport (Coimbatore) is only 55km away. Since Kerala is a well-connected state through road it’s easy to reach anywhere if you could find the right bus to hop on.


4) Boat ride in Thekkady


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Periyar Thekkady


One of the oldest and most popular wild sanctuaries in Kerala. Its hard to find somebody in Kerala who’s never been to Thekkady for a boat ride. Even though Thekkady is part of Periyar tiger reserve, chances of spotting a tiger on the river banks is close to none. But the wildlife in this reserve is quite rich but unless you have a really, really messed up luck you will definitely see several herds of wilder beasts, wild boars, deer’s and of course elephants taking a dip on the river bank.


You can reach Thekkady at the cheapest rate is by State-run or private buses from the nearby cities Cochin, Kottayam, and Trivandrum.


5) Trekking in Wayanad


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Wayanad


Wayanad is a name you should write in green. This entire district will be covered with green on the map. It’s hard to take a picture without at least one tree branch coming in your background. Wildlife, raw untouched nature, valleys under the fog umbrella, freshwater streams at every turn, what would we have done if it weren’t for these kinds of places.


Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for the plethora of wildlife in it like Indian Bison, elephant and Tiger to name a few.


Like Munnar, Wayanad is also a paradise for trekking enthusiasts and another great option for trekking in Kerala. Kuruva Islands, Chembra peak and many more


Hire a cab and then you could reach any hard to reach places in Wayanad without much trouble.


6) Backwater cruise in Alleppy or Kumarakom


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Alleppy & Kumarkom


Stays in a houseboat with a spicy fish menu on your plate and the local toddy to wash it down backwater cruise through the calm backwaters of Aleppy and Kumarakom is a perfect getaway for your stress-filled head.  The Cochin International Airport, located at a distance of 75 km is the nearest airport to Allepey. Kerala State Run Transport Corporation buses connect Alleppey to most major cities in Kerala. Reaching Aleppy is not the problem but it’s going to be hard to leave such a place.


7) Bike trip to Kerala Hill Stations


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Bike Ride


In Kerala, a ride through the Western Ghats is the baptism for their new Royal Enfield. The curvy mountain roads are a heaven for any hardcore driver. With not much of altitude sickness or frostbite to look out for a drive through any place in the Western Ghats is time well spent.  Hire a bike for rent, put on a jacket, fill up the tank and off you go!!


8) Drive in Beach in Kerala


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Muzhappilangad Drive Beach


Kerala is home to one of the few drivable beaches in the world. And Muzhappilangad is most beautiful amongst the rest. Out here you don’t want to worry about soft sands or sinking wheels. Rev up the engine and draw pictures on the beach giving something for the waves to wash up. Driving against angry waves knocking on your door should be interesting!!!


Muzhappilangad is part of the Kannur district and you can easily reach the beach by using local bus services whether it is state-run or private.


9) Become part of Kochi or Cochin


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Kochi Sightseeing


Kochi is the Bangalore of Kerala. This IT hub is Kerala’s only metro city. Kochi is not just any other IT hub its home to rich heritage and history. The Fort Cochin and Mattancherry region has several historically fascinating and remarkable sights where you could get a really good vibe of the native culture.


10) Try Toddy – Kerala’s Beer


Activities To Experience In Kerala - Toddy in Kerala


After all, this adventure goes to the nearby toddy shop and dig into the local spicy cuisine to fill up your adventure exhausted tummy wash it down with a bottle of toddy and count the stars circling around your head.You might not be able to find any Toddy shops near national highways. Just ask the question to the locals and they will be more than happy to show the direction (some might even come with you to share the pleasure!!!)


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