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Top 10 Things To Do in Galle, Sri Lanka


Whether it is about cultural diversity or participating in thrilling activities, Galle enthralls every age-scale tourists. Located in the southward direction from Colombo, this coastal town is a way more to see and experience. And to make your trip more promising, we came up to list some of the must try things to do in Galle.

Well… What are you waiting for? Scroll down and discover ‘The Top 10 things to do in Galle, Sri Lanka’.

1) Explore Galle Fort

Galle Fort - Things To Do in Galle

Galle Fort or popularly known as Dutch fort is located in the southern coast or Sri Lanka. The fortification was constructed and executed in the 16th Century by the Portuguese empire. Later it was the Dutch Empire who module the fort in the 17th Century . The monument is one of the most recognizable European illustration in the South East Asia. Moreover, in 1796 it undergoes many changes under the British empire leadership. The fort is walled around three sides facing the ocean giving a spectacular view.

The fort has two entrance the main gate and the old gate where inscription of Dutch and British can be notified when walked in a clockwise direction. The grand mansion delights every traveler with its endless exotic flavor.

And there it goes the first thing  to do on the “Top activities in Galle“!


2) Go shopping near Galle Fort

Galle Things To Do - Shopping


Next in the top 10 list would definitely be Shopping!

We usually describes Galle Fort the image of Dutch-Colonial mansion and its history strengthening the ethics of the place. Nonetheless, the street adjoined is a perfect hub for all shopaholics to be scour every bit of it. From restaurants to ‘n’ number of shopping destination, the place squeezes out the best of it.

To point out the topic I would like to point out some of the iconic place that certainly delights your sens!

‘Barefoot ‘is one of the popular boutique shop in Galle fort. The little courtyard styled room is famous for its collection of handwoven products from furniture to apparels. ‘Exotic Roots’ yet another oldest shop famous for its display of various gifts items. ‘The three by TPV’ is a luxurious one, here designed jewelry to artwork pieces take away the tourists by its undefined grace. ‘Orchid house’ a beautifully crafted shop known for its fanciful items. Perhaps the place is one of the preserved one distinguishing the modern wall to this ancient ruin. So what are you waiting for?  Go Gaga over it!

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3) Surfing near Galle

Galle Things To Do - Surfing

Bound with ocean all over, Sri Lanka is popular with various beach destination and entertaining travelers with array of surf points. Probably one of the reliable spot for surfing in the Indian Ocean. Hikkaduwa in Galle is one of the convenient place for the activity. The place is one of the developed surfing point where café, surf schools, rental shops etc. can be noted into. The place is best as it lay the best foundation both for beginners and experts. Another destination in Galle is the Unawatuna Bay, here mainly the experts receive the jackpot.

It is to be noted that waves increase to approx. four ft. where longboard gives the ultimate shot. The place also termed as the ‘family surf vacation’, thereby pack your backpacks and enjoy the exciting tropical destination in Sri Lanka. So I would point this as in the number 3rd in “Top 10 Things to do in Galle”!

4) Go Scuba Diving

Galle Things To Do - SCUBA Diving

Galle is one of such place in Sri Lanka which befits every traveler as well as adventure seeker. Either it’s of the underlying history,  exploring the culture or beach activity. Galle merges every traveler with its undefined aroma. Unawatuna Bay is one of the opted place in Galle where tourist never gets disappointed with the scuba experience.

Just a 10 min ride from Galle, PADI diving center is a popular one which offers both to beginners and experts about the major instruction and its overall. To get precise Golapita Gala, Napolian reef etc. are some of the most opted dive site here. Here one may notify oneself with vibrant tropical fishes and magnificent multicolor reefs which would certainly soothes your eyeballs.

5) Relax by the Galle Lighthouse

Galle is an ancient city where the history can be found in every corner of the town spread with monuments, stoned streets, antique shops etc. And such is the Galle lighthouse which still paints itself with the color of the historical episodes. Also known by the name Pointe de Galle light, is the first lighthouse in Sri Lanka which dated back to 1848 built by the British Empire. It was in the year 1939 that it was module and till now stands affirm. Currently, the lighthouse is managed by the Sri Lanka ports authority.

One can visualize the serenity and panoramic view of the blue ocean where the coastline is stretched with coconuts and palm trees. Juxtaposed with history and nature elements, the place defines the perfect spot for tranquility.


6) Pamper yourself at Unawatuna

The most relishing element in a tour is a spa travel where in true terms you throw  your dwellings of hardships and receive a session for your body. More or less the country encounters many places for spa sessions. Galle is one the best in the chart list where mainly Ayurveda rejuvenating therapies are their prior one.

There are range of options like body massage, dip tissue massage, total body care, face massage, physiotherapy and many more. Many spas also come out with combo offers and yoga and meditation session to detoxify your system. One of the most interesting fact is the session is conducted in open air rather than closed room where in a true way you relive amidst the nature promisingly.

So why not to put this in the top 10 list?


7) Snorkeling at Jungle Beach, Galle

Snorkeling - Galle Things To Do

If you want to enjoy the utmost beach activities in Sri Lanka, Unawatuna is the bustling town attracting tourists afar. Pristine water and gentle waves are its forte making the place a desirable one. Jungle Beach is one of such destination in Unawatuna, perhaps a convenient place to relish your day for snorkeling.

The hidden beach is famous for its coral reef and adjoining greenery that hovers the beach giving a perfect pictograph place. one may encounter with many vibrant fishes, bountiful marine life and sizable sea turtles creating the activity a worthy one. Nonetheless, the beach entertains the travelers with various eateries shop serving lip-smacking local dishes. With its mystic surrounding it succumb everyone out there.


8) Explore Galle on a Bicycle

Biking in Galle

When was your last time where you pedal your bicycle and enjoy the blissful nature? May be a decade right?

Not to worry, Galle provides the seeker a perfect four-hour bicycling tour! You pay a bike rental, heir a local guide, wear helmet and refreshing elements and you are set to enjoy it.

The tour has a certain route where it starts from the Galle Matara main road viewing the tropical site of localities and fisherman. Next in the list is the Galle Fort cycling along the sea side. Here one acknowledges oneself some of the laid monuments. After these you are headed towards the famous Munugan Hindu Temple and vegetable-fruit market. Overall the tour is designed in a such a way where you enhance your mind to witness the true color of the place.


9) Go Stilt Fishing near Galle

Fish plays a pivotal role in coastal areas. Either in terms of economic stability or glutton your stomach. Why not gathering the experience through fishing?

To get indulge into this experience one needs to heir a private boat charter and enjoy the flow of it. The activity gets started early morning where you get picked up and reside to the destined location. The whole of it is executed in a way where beginners gets the most of it.

The experience is an enchanting one where you able to witness the vastness of the sea and get thrill by the process. After its completion you are headed towards a harbor and later get dropper at your hotel corridor. Thereby, it ropes one of the best things to do in Galle.


10) Canoeing in Galle

One of the most beautiful experience to add to your bucket list while travelling in Galle is Canoeing. Unawatuna is the registered islands where activities are the ongoing ones. Filled with numbers of canals, lagoons, beaches and reservoirs, Canoeing soothes the mind amidst nature’s treat where one can experience the versatility from mangrove forest to many changing landscapes. One should heir a local guide, tighten yourself with life jacket and carry necessary items to make the 3 hours experience a worthy one. Tourist experience the virgin land, explore the coastal vegetation and many more. One must definitely try the canoeing to soak oneself in the blissful ambiance of nature.

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