Top 10 Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Everyone loves to go on a Himlayan trek when temperatures are optimal; we have a bright sunny sky. But as soon as Monsoons are upon us, most of us would not even consider a trek in Himachal Pradesh. Something about rains drenching us makes us want to stay indoors. But Monsoons are not the end of the trekking season. Some of the treks are best enjoyed during this season, when valleys become lush green and flowers blooming everywhere. All you need is a slightly better preparation and a good rain coat and you are set for an extra ordinary experience.

Here is a short but not an exhaustive list of Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh.


1) Chandratal Lake Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Chandratal Lake Trek

People who wish to escape Himachal Pradesh’s wet monsoons for a couple of days should undertake the scenic Chandratal Lake trek. This trek promises to show climbers valleys dotted with brightly coloured flowers- all in full bloom because of the heavy monsoon showers.

Snow-capped peaks surround trekkers on all sides as they make their way up the winding mountain trails to the pristine Chandratal Lake. En route to the Lake, climbers camp out at a spot known as Balu Ka Gera- home to the Himalaya brown bears. Although it is difficult to catch a glimpse of these bears in the monsoon season, trekkers should keep their cameras ready anyway, since there are definitely other, equally fascinating wildlife near the trekking trail.

Maximum Attitude: 14,000 feet
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Extra Tip: There is a good chance of spotting some wild animals on this trek, so trekkers should not forget to pack a good quality, rain-proof camera.

2) Hampta Pass Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek takes climbers from the gentle, green Kullu Valley and up colourful, mountain slopes, to the Hampta Pass. From there, trekkers can get a wide, panoramic view of the Lahaul Valley below- a wide expanse of green stretching out into the distance. The monsoon showers offer a cool, pleasant, comfortable climate in which to trek and besides some gentle sprays, the trek will not pose any other difficulties.

The Hampta Pass is one of the few treks in Himachal Pradesh that boast such a diversity of terrains! From empty deserts, to lush green valleys and winding rivers set against the backdrop of gorgeous, snow-capped mountain peaks, the Hampta Pass Trek definitely tops our list of “Best Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh.”

Maximum Altitude: 14,000 feet
Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Extra Tip: Because of the wide range of terrain this trek covers, trekkers should be prepared with appropriate attire, including waterproof shoes and proper trekking pants.


3) Beas Kund Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Beas Kund Trek

The Beas Kund Trek trail runs along the winding Beas River. The tall Pir Pinjal mountain peaks surround trekkers on all sides and lush meadows spread out on either side of the trekking route.

At 12,000 feet there is a pristine, glacial lake that appears even more mesmerizing in the cool monsoon months when a gentle haze surround the slopes and valleys of the mountains. This lake feeds the Beas River with fresh, alpine, mountain water. In the monsoons especially, the Beas River’s gushing, gurgling waters sounds as enticing as ever.  This trek lets visitors escape Manali’s crowd, congestion and rains, and offers them a quaint little natural landscape in which to enjoy the yearly monsoon showers, without helplessly drowning in them.

Maximum Altitude: 12,000 feet
Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Extra Tip: It is recommended that visitors spend at least one day in Manali, acclimatizing themselves to the weather and high altitude before undertaking this trek.


4)  Bhrigu Lake Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Bhrigu Lake Trek

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is one of the best climbs to undertake during Manali’s monsoons. Alpine meadows spread out far out into the horizon. The deep, green valleys and dense oak forests are guaranteed to be in full bloom this time of the year, and the cool breeze and gentle drizzle is sure to rejuvenate every trekkers senses! Apart from magnificent snow-capped mountain peaks, this trek will also show climbers the beautiful, pristine Bhrigu Lake. Its water change from a royal blue colour during the winters, to a lighter green colour during the summers. The rains continuously feed this lake, so trekkers’ best opportunity to see the Bhrigu Lake filled to the brim, with crystalline, crisp water, is during the monsoon season.

Maximum Altitude: 14,000 feet
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Extra Tip: Physical fitness is key to undertaking this trek. Prospective climbers should hit the gym regularly to get in shape before embarking on this high altitude trek.


5) Prashar Lake Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Prashar Lake Trek


Surrounded by the tall Dhauladhar and Pir Pinjal Mountain Ranges in the Kullu Valley, the pristine Prashar Lake is situated next to a quaint little temple-the Prashar Rishi. The Prashar Lake trek route is filled with sweet-scented cedar, fur and spruce forests, all in full bloom because of the monsoon showers. The magnificent waterfalls feed on the monsoon rains as they cascade down the mountain slopes and into the streams below.

The Prashar Lake Trek is an easy hike although some steep ridges will make the climb difficult during the monsoons. However, this two day trek is perfect for beginner level trekkers looking to challenge themselves a bit.

Maximum Altitude: 9,000 feet
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Extra Tip: This trek is best undertaken in large groups or with families, and since it is only a two day trip, weekends are the best time to go on this trek.


6) Pin Parvati Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Pin Parvati Trek


This twelve day Pin Parvati Trek is meant for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers. Large glaciers, deep crevices and slippery slopes are common on this trek. The trek’s terrain ranges from beautiful forests to verdant valleys, snow-capped mountains and small Buddhist mountain villages.

The trekking route runs through the dry Spiti deserts and the green Parvati Valley. The Odi Tach meadows flaunt a wide array of colourful flowers which are as bright and as sweet-smelling as ever during the monsoons. The hot water springs en route offer the perfect respite from the cold, damp, mountain air, and the view from the Pin Parvati Pass of the lush green valley below is truly spectacular!

Maximum Altitude: 17,500 feet
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Extra Tip: Carry an extra pair of hiking boots since the trek is long and quite tedious. Also, the terrain is quite rough during the monsoons, so trekkers must make sure they have sturdy shoes with good grip.


7) Kareri Lake Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Kareri Lake Trek


This trek takes climbers through holly, oak and spruce forests, and past narrow streams, and deserted valleys and mountain passes.

The trek begins from the Ghera Village. The trek will then take climbers to another quaint little village- the Kareri Village. Visitors can find accommodation here since camping out in the muddy meadows during the monsoons, is not advisable. The monsoon rains will have turned the valleys a rich, deep, green. Climbers might even spot a rare animal or too. From the Kareri Village, there is a trail that leads right up to the elliptical shaped Kareri Lake.

A two day trek, the Kareri Lake Trek is perfect for those looking to escape the country’s wet, water-clogged streets!

Maximum Altitude: 9,700 feet
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Extra Tip: A visit to Dharamshala nearby is highly recommended. It will be a perfect way to end the hiking trip and familiarize oneself with the local Himalayan people and culture.


8) Parang La Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Parang La Trek

source: Himalayan High

The trek will take visitors past the Ladakh-Spiti Valley- a very popular destination for trekking groups-and to the magnificent Parang La Pass. Snow-clad mountains tower over the trekking trail and bright, sweet-scented flowers cover the valleys endlessly. A pristine, glacial lake- the Tso Moriri- awaits trekkers on the other side of the Parang La Pass. In the gentle monsoon drizzle and cool mountain environment, this lake appears as spellbinding and ethereal as ever!

Monsoon showers would have rendered the already steep trekking route, muddy and slippery. Although the terrain becomes very difficult to traverse during the rainy season, advanced level trekkers who wish to challenge themselves or are seeking out the thrills of mountain climbing should definitely undertake this trek.

Maximum Altitude: 18,000 feet
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Extra Tip: Give enough time for your body to acclimatize to the high altitude while undertaking the hike. Ask your tour guides/operators about medicines that can help with this.


9)  Kanamo Peak Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Kanamo Peak Trek

This trek takes climbers from the quaint little Kibber Village in the Spiti Valley, to the snow-capped Kanamo or “White Hostess,” Peak. The Kanamo Peak Trek is a relatively easy trek to undertake, but its high altitude makes it only suitable for advanced level trekkers. Trekkers definitely need time to acclimatize and because the weather during the monsoons will be hazy and the roads, slippery, the ascent up to the Kanamo Peak will be slow, but steady.

From the summit, climbers get a panoramic view of the Ladakh, Spiti, Kullu and Kinnaur mountain peaks. During the monsoons, especially, there will be dense fog and mist en route the Kanamo summit, but that makes the trek all the more adventurous.

Maximum Altitude: 19,600 feet
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Extra Tip: Although no mountaineering expertise is required, prospective climbers should hit the gym for a couple of weeks before undertaking this trek and work on their fitness and stamina levels.


10) Bhabha Pass Trek

Monsoon Treks in Himachal Pradesh - Bhabha Pass Trek


Bhabha Pass Trek route is complete with scenic forests, open meadows, the beautiful, arid Spiti deserts and of course, rocky, snowy, mountain passes. The Bhabha Pass Trekking trail is filled with silver birch, oak and pine forests. From on top of the Bhabha Pass, trekkers get a sweeping view of the magnificent Pin Valley, below. Because of the heavy monsoon showers, the entire Pin Valley is decorated with sweet-scented pink, red and violet flowers- all in full bloom. The rains also constantly feed the rivers and the waterfalls in this valley, making it truly picturesque.

Small Buddhist prayer flags line the Bhabha Pass, too. The trek ends with a fun night, camping out in Bhabha Valley’s Kafnu village.

Maximum Altitude: 16,100 feet
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Extra Tip: This trek requires stamina and both, physical and mental endurance, so trekkers must make sure they hit the gym regularly prior to undertaking this trek, to get themselves in shape.


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