Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

15 Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

Kolkata is a place which is surrounded by Beaches and small hills, it is quite versatile in it’s own way. There are several Weekend Getaways from Kolkata options to choose from according to your budget and days. All you need to have is will to travel and explore places every way possible it can be in a luxurious way or on a low budget just be curious what you see.

If you ask a Bengali for his weekend destination from Kolkata he will answer Digha, Puri or Darjeeling as his favorites, aka Di-Pu-Da. These 3 destination are most Bengali’s favorite places around Kolkata, easy to reach, low budget and what not.

1) Shantiniketan

In Bengali Shantiniketan means ‘abode of peace’ this place is a complex of art and culture built by Nobel winning Poet and artist Rabindranath Tagore. He founded a open air school under a banyan tree for children later that developed into the famous University called Visva bharati. Which is now the major study centre of liberal arts and humanity’s relationship with nature. 

Apart from Visva Bharati University there is more to witness in Shantiniketan, Shani baarer haat is one of them. A flea market which held only on the weekends and sales handmade collection by locals.
Visit Kopai River to rejuvenate yourself with fresh air and tranquility. Witness live folk music played by the locals. This University attracts students from all over the India and overseas for it’s educational standards and relaxed atmosphere too.

Shantiniketan is famous for another great festival ‘Basanta Utsav’. It is a festival of colours and new beginnings. It happens during spring which is the season of new beginnings, students of Biswa Bharati apply  colour called abeer during this festival and showcases their talents individually.


2) Digha

Digha is situated in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. This place is one of the most popular weekend getaway choice for people of Kolkata. Located 187 KMS from Kolkata, known for it’s surreal beauty and tranquility. If you are a seafood lover, Digha would be your favorite most place in West Bengal. Early in the morning a wholesale market held in Mohona, you can purchase cheap rated crab, prawn, hilsa, squid, octopus various seafood.

While in the evening Digha sea beach is crowded with grilled seafood and chicken kebab. Sitting by the beach and listening to the ocean is so satisfying and perfect getaway from regular mundane life.

3) Mandarmani

Mandarmani is a seaside resort village in East Medinipur. This beach is less crowded and cleaner than other beaches of West Bengal. Both budget friendly and luxurious resorts are there according to your pocket. Chilling scenes by youngsters are mostly done over in Mandarmani.

4) Shankarpur

East Medinipur has many surreal Beaches side by side. Shankarpur is 18 km east from Digha beach. It is basically a fishing harbour, known for whole sale rated cheap fishes but one can enjoy waves by the beach too. Buy some raw fish at whole sale price and cook on your own or buy cooked grilled, fried fish from small carts to complete your wave watching evening.

5) Junput

Junput is an excellent tourist spot and a beach resort. It is located in West Medinipur, 9 km away from Contai town. Junput is highly praised by West Bengal govt and aggressively promoted. It has marine biology and aquatic culture, for which it is known for. It’s heavenly feeling tranquility and surrealism with draw your soul back to this place again and again.

6) Bakkhali

Weekend Getaways from Kolkata - BAKKHALI


Bakkhali is a seaside Hamlet Namkhana of South 24 Parganas. This is another less crowded budget friendly beach around Kolkata, only 125 km from the city. The only draw back to this island is, it’s transportation. There is not any direct vehicle to this island all you have to do is to take train to Namkhana then a bus and a 5 minutes ferry ride. But the view is worth the journey, aligned palm trees and lesser people than any other beach to chill out your weekends.


7) Henry’s Island

Henry’s island is a lesser known small Hamlet in Namkhana, one Toto ride distance from Bakkhali. Tourists who prefer intense tranquility and privacy can opt for Henry’s island. This place has 2 govt bungalow which are very cheaper than your expectation. Book a sea faced room and hang in your balcony or in the beach for perfect weekend getaway scene.

8) Sundarbans

Sundarbans is an exotic mangrove forest, half of it is in Bangladesh country and rest lies in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. It is listed under UNESCO world heritage site for it’s wildlife sanctuary. Can witness deer, wild pigs, rhinos, crocodile, and if you are fortunate enough you may see traces of world famous royal Bengal tiger. Taking a houseboat ride is perfect to stay and visit different places of sundarbans.

9) Bishnupur

Bishnupur is the land of terracotta, and Baluchari sarees. This terracotta land is the major town of Bankura district, filled with numbers of historical temples and ‘poto para’ ( Potter area). If you are a fan of aesthetic terracotta décor, ornaments, sculptures Bishnupur is your place. There are various shops outside of every temples, and most of them are within 100 rupees. Speaking of Baluchari sarees, Kanishka is one renowned saree shop in Bishnupur to shop any handloomed saree from.


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10) Roopark Village

If you want your weekends to be a little luxurious yet into the nature Roopark village is the perfect place for you. It’s Orissa’s one and only theme village resort, perfect for any occasion, event or weekend trips. Roopark resort’s hospitality is great in terms of service and friendliness, very cooperative and helpful. This resort hosts many adventure activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, trekking, para sailing and other water sports.

11) Raichak on Ganges

Raichak on Ganges is a perfect blend of nature and lavish living to relax you soul. It is spread over a large land, water-body to explore. Enjoy mouthwatering delicious flavors in decorative restaurants or take a dip in the swimming pool if not any of these play chess, dart, carom, table tennis, paddle boating and various other options are out here. Enjoy wonderful time with your family and friends.

12) Ajodhya Hill

Ajodhya Hill is a popular destination to people of West Bengal, it is famous for beginners mountaineering and rock climbing. It is located in Purulia district with a height of 700 m above from sea level. Not only for mountaineering and climbing is known for fresh water springs and stream too.


13) Itachuna Raajbari

Itachuna Raajbari is a rural home-stay but with luxurious facilities. Visit to Itachuna and witness the royalty along with great hospitality and delicious royal cuisine.

Itachuna offers different types of room, all named under female characters, mother, grandma, mother in law and other fictional character to give it a rustic touch.

14) Bawali Raajbari

Bawali Raajbari is a posh resort in style of royal jamindaar architecture and décor. This resort is 12km away from NH12 highway crafted with handwoven furnishings, bookshelves and vintage art. It has a bungalow and 4 types of suits which includes breakfast too. Other amenities like spa and outdoor pool, lounges, balconies, terraces are well decorated and beautifully furnished courtyard, garden and a lake are offered by this royal raajbari.
This resort is perfect for marriage ceremonies but can also be apt for one’s relaxing weekend too.


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15) Purulia

Purulia - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

Purulia is a rural district known for chou nach, a mask dance which includes a lot of jumps and traditional acrobatics showcases events of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the puranas and other Indian literature.

Charida, a village of chou dance mask maker, hosts a festival of it’s culture Chou dance and other traditional things associating with UNESCO. People urging for dance and culture are highly recommended to this place during spring to witness traditional Chou dance and small hand crafted products made by the locals.


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