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World India Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Belum Caves
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India Andhra Pradesh Belum Caves


The second largest Caves in India, Belum Caves are the longest cave with Stalactite and Stalagmite formation. The long passages, spacious chambers, freshwater galleries, siphons etc are the interesting features of Belum Caves. The constant flow of underground water leads to the cave formation. The deepest point is at “Paatalaganga” where the depth is 150 feet from the entrance of the cave. Among 3.5 km of explored caves, only 1.5 km of caves is only exhibited for public. Formed out of black limestone, the Belum Caves were first explored by “Robert Bruce Forte”, a British Surveyor in 18th century. 16 different pathways within the Belum Caves. There is a APTDC operated Dormitory near Belum Caves if you are planning to stay.

The “Pilidwaram” section has the stone formations in the form of Lion heads. The stalactite formation of Shivlingams is astonishing work of mother nature in the “Kotilingalu Chamber” of Belum Caves. The perennial rivulet which flows from Southwest to Northeast direction at the depth of 150 feet in the Paatalaganga section is an exciting feature of Belum Caves. This tiny stream disappears at certain point and it is believed to get mixed in a well of a village near Belum Caves. The Stalactite formations in “Saptaswaralu Guha” (Music of seven notes Chamber) produce music when it got struck by wooden stick or our knuckles. The bed with pillow like rock formations in “Dhyan Mandir Chamber” is a standing example that many sages and Buddhist monks lived in this cave in ancient periods.

Shaped like Cobra Hoods, the Stalactite formations in “Thousands Hood” section enthralls you. The Stalactite in “Mandap Chamber” is formed as pillars and makes you believe you are in a Pillared Hall. You will be really amazed to see the stalactite formations hanging from ceiling as if the aerial roots hanging from Banyan Tree in the “Banyan Tree Hall” of Belum Caves.

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