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Lakshadweep Islands
India Lakshadweep Minicoy Island


The farthest island from the whole cluster of Lakshadweep islands is that of Minicoy, which is closer to Maldives than it is to any other island, at a bare distance of 50-60 km. This atoll is located on the southernmost part of Lakshadweep Island. In ancient period, Minicoy Island was termed as “Maliku” which means “Women’s Island”. Minicoy is situated nearby 90 Channel, a busiest shipping route in Arabian Sea.

Minicoy has a lot of history relating to this island. It has Buddhist remains also that have been discovered here. You can see 800 years old Buddhist remnants nearby the Salliballu Island of Minicoy. The Archaelogical excavation revealed a very much damaged head of Buddha Statue in Minicoy. The culture, the forms, the mannerisms, the whole concept is very different here, than it is in the other islands. This is what makes it stand out and even more popular in comparison to the others. The light house must be visited once as the view from there is subtly the best and the turquoise water is enlarged and right there, engulfing you in its extremes. The people here are very sweet, and accommodate the tourists here well, but there are also people who still have the orthodox mentality! You have cycles available here and you can roam around the island here on it. The accommodation and food is pretty credible here. The culture ranks closely to that of Maldives and hence, the different attitude altogether.

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Great place for water sports, don’t forget to do them. Kayaking and glass boat rides are a definite must here.
You can walk up to 1 km in the sea and it isn't really deep either.
If you want to plan your honeymoon and love adventure, you can have this as a consideration and rank it among the top five, it’s worth that much.