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Khasi, Garo, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi & English
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Known as ‘Scotland of east’, Shillong is the state capital of Meghalaya which is situated at an altitude of 4,908 feet above the sea level. The legend associated with this place is that it is named after a boy called ‘Shyllong’, born to a virgin mother in the capital and he was later accepted by the locals as a deity .This place is very well known for its sheer beauty, grand festivities, rich diversity of flora and fauna, scenic ambience, educational facilities, peaceful environment, trekking opportunities, khasi hills, traditional attires and for its evergreen forests which provide a wonderful jungle experience. Being one of India’s smallest capitals, it only has a total population of 1,50,000 people and its population density is 342 sq.mile. As this place is geographically located between Brahmaputra and Surma valley, people of this place are endowed with clean, cool, pleasant weather round the year.

Being Alien to human atrocities  one must surely visit this place  because nothing can be more interesting and wonderful than being able to see and feel the very rawness of nature and its creations .People fond of camping , caving ,trekking , rock climbing and undertaking other sporty activities visit this place every year from across the globe. This place does not have a railway station or an airport of its own but it is very well connected by road. Christianity is the predominant religion in this place and a large number of people follow the original khasi religion namely –they are Niam khasi and Niamtre khasi.

The private bus and taxi services available from the city make the travelling experience very comfortable for the tourists visiting this place from all over the country. Some basic knowledge of our national language Hindi is essential when one is here. This place has a well-connected communication network. The ideal time to visit this amazing place is October to November and March to April. The major tourist attractions of this place are – Crinoline falls, Jakrem, Syndai, and Balpakaram, Naphak Lake, Imilchang dare waterfall and Sinju caves. Nongkrem Dance (Harvest & thanksgiving dance), autumn flower show (Agriculture & Horticulture, Pomblang Iewduh, Wangala Dance (Dance of the 100 drums) are the annual attractions of the place which fall during October to November. Plan your visit soon to this incredible land nestled in the arms of seven sisters (northeast India). Be here with your family and friends to enjoy its bountiful beauty.

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