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World India Odisha Rourkela Khandadhar Falls
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India Odisha Khandadhar Falls


Khandadhar Watefalls are located in Sundergarh district of Odisha, about 100 kms from Rourkela. Khandadhar Falls at 244 mts, is the 12th highest waterfall in India and the area is a popular picnic spot. It is best visited after monsoon and presents beautiful view of untouched natural scenery. Hiking and trekking is also undertaken by adventurous tourists to view the waterfalls from the top of the hill. As always, exercise caution near the falls as the area is secluded and the terrain is treacherous.

The fall is formed by a perennial Korapani Nala that flows here all the time and is enclosed by dense forest. Khandadhar falls, placed 104 KMs from Rourkela at Nandapani in Sundaragarh district is one with all the best waterfalls of the state and the twelfth highest in Republic of India. This cascading waterfall is set amidst the plush leaf of uncontaminated forest, falls from a height of 244 mts. The sweetness of this scintillating water multiplies throughout the monsoon months once the water from the stream overflows and it drops down as a fall from a height of 800 feet.



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