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Namdapha National Park , Arunachal Pradesh

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India Arunachal Pradesh Namdapha National Park

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Situated amidst the Eastern Himalayan foothills in Arunachal Pradesh the Namdapha National Park has an engrossing history. Namdhapa is a Tiger Reserve and National Park, enchanting beauty of dense green vegetation, wilderness and virgin forests. It provides a wonderful view of the Patkai hills and lies really close to the junction between India, Myanmar, and China. Its enormity places it in the fourth position amongst the rest of the Indian National Parks. The Namdapha National Park is the largest biodiversity reserve in the eastern part of the country. The National Park is known to preserve the northernmost evergreen lowland rain forests.

Due to rising elevation, the park exhibits changing vegetation which includes Dipterocarp forests, Bamboo forests, Subtropical pine forests, Temperate vegetation, and Alpine vegetation. Park spreads over an area of 1986 square kilometers having a rich flora and fauna. The national park is situated in the international border between India and Myanmar (Burma). The National Park is located at a stone’s throw distance from Miao amongst misty blue hills. The Government in 1983 declared it as Tiger Reserve.

This area had witnessed a major part of the second world war and till today it is inhabited by many refugees such as the Chakma who had escaped from Bangladesh. In the year 1972 the government presented it with the status of a wildlife Sanctuary and in 1983 it was promoted to the status of a National Park and Tiger Reserve. Visitors can witness a variety of fauna such as the Namdapha Flying Squirrel, the Red Panda, the Green Cochoa and so on.

Tourists can also visit the Miao Museum, Miao Mini Zoo, Moti Jheel, and the Raja Jheel. They could also go on excursions to Gandhigram and Vijaynagar.

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