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World India Chhattisgarh Bilaspur Bhoramdeo Temple
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India Chhattisgarh Bhoramdeo Temple


Bhoramdeo Temple is a beautiful Shiva temple built in the 11th century set in a unique landscape on the foothills of the Satpura range. It is carved entirely out of stone and has 54 erotic sculptures from the Kamasutra. Labelled by Cunningham as one of the most beautifully decorated temples, it is an epitome of love and beauty. It follows the Gurur type architecture with the standard layout of a Mandap followed by a passage to the Garbhagriha.  The garbhagriha consists of an excellently carved shivalingh and idols of Uma-Maheshwar.

Typical architectural feature which represents the Khajuraho style of architecture is the tower of the temple which is a synthesis of a view of the receding Maikal Hill range. It is also typical of temples of Orissa to have sharp curved forms that are also a built-in feature of this temple. You can also visit the lake to boat while basking in the striking surroundings. You must take a trip to this temple to get away from your routine to get in touch with our rural roots and to enjoy a simple weekend. You must also take out some time to visit the Sanctuary and the Kanha National Park. You can trek as well as enjoy the tribal dances, etc while you are here.

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