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World India Maharashtra Dhule
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Maharashtra Dhule

About Dhule

Located on the banks of River Tapi in Maharashtra, Dhule is one of the few planned cities in India.  It is assumed that the city got its name through a popular saint while others believe that Akbar nominated Dhule district as 'Dandes' after his son Daniyal. Dhule has a lot for the tourists to find out. The district consists of a number of temples, many of them ancient, which are much visited by the pilgrims.

Apart from the many temples, there are various forts that the tourists in the district can visit. Some of the worth visiting places in Dhule are: Toranmal, Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, Prakashe, Sarangkheda and Laling Fort etc. Dhule has a lot for medium to budget accommodation options. Gaurav Hotel (Malegaon Road) and Jhankar Palace Hotel (Malegaon Road) are the medium range accommodation options and have all basic facilities like internet etc. Budget hotels include Rasraj Lodge Hotel (Nagaon Bari) and Uday Palace Hotel (Nagpur-Surat Road).

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