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D. 5/73 Tripura Bhairwi Rd (Near Kashi Vishwanath Temple) Dasaswamedh, Varanasi - 221001
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About Kashi Journeys

“Namaste” and welcome to Kashi Journeys.!

Kashi is the oldest name of Varanasi, derived from Sanskrit, which mean “concentration of cosmic light”. Kashi Journeys is a Varanasi-based day tour organization providing tours and travel-related services in and around Varanasi. We are delighted to introduce you to Kashi Journeys, a reputable & government-approved organization with a long history of tourism services. We are extremely well acquainted with the local conditions, enabling us to handle any sort of challenge or wish you might have.

At Kashi Journeys, our guests are Number 1 – you are the reason we exist and our goal is to demonstrate our side of Varanasi, to help you feel at home in our city and to show off the city we love. So, if you are looking for a tour operator or local tour guide - or any sort of assistance during your time in Varanasi - then you have come to the right place! 

Kashi Journeys is a Varanasi based Day Tour Organization..

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Alex mcallister 30-10-2019
We spent 3 nights 2 days in Varanasi we were met by Rajeev and his driver at the airport that evening and the next morning we were taken on a guided tour. It was a long and pleasurable day with Rajeev he has a great knowledge of the histories of Varanasi especially the religious aspects . He is dedicated to making everyone relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend him highly. I cannot forget our driver whose skill in navigating the streets and alleys of the old town north, south and central, thanks.
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Harsha Vardhan 11-08-2019
We had the best time and best tour guide in all of Kashi !! Rajeev (Kashi Journeys), was very honest, professional and really quite thoughtful about our needs and preferences. He made our experience feel hassle-free, safe and comfortable. He was genuinely mindful of our well-being and incredibly informative about the destinations we visited.
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Barry Corke 17-10-2019
September 2019. We were only in Varanasi for 2 full days and wanted to sample the full spectrum of life in this sacred city. Rajeev had already emailed that the River Ganges was in flood and that the boat trips we had planned were not available due to Government restrictions. He explained that the boat trip planned for the following day and the Ganga Aarti ceremony from the river would not happen but assured us that we would not be disappointed (and how right he was!!). Our first day comprised a steady walk, southwards through old Varanasi, passing shops, market, temples ashrams and street vendors, dodging bikes and cows, dogs and goats. Visits to markets and bazaars. The sights and sounds will be with us always. We made our way to the Harischandra Ghats where two families were celebrating the lives of their respective loved ones as the bodies of those deceased were engulfed in flames from the mango wood pyre. It was indeed a moving experience. The high level of the Ganges had forced the cremation area further up inland and there wasn’t much room with dogs and goats roaming in between people going about their daily lives. The store of mango wood did not seem to be big enough to cater for the number of cremations programmed – it goes 24/7; and probably 365 days a year. Rajeev’s commentary, more than fulfilled our dreams of seeing Varanasi; we were immersed and embraced everything. Imagine our surprise when Rajeev said he’d organized our positions at the Ganga Aarti ceremony for that night. Usually performed on the Ghats this was impossible due to the high water and was re-arranged to be performed higher up. One such was to be in a narrow area with a number of plastic patio chairs laid out in a courtyard, with more in that of a neighbour’s. It became congested very quickly, jostling, emotionally charged, with negotiations being carried out for better views. Rajeev disappeared briefly and then returned and ushered us to a property nearby, for another Aarti ceremony being held at someone’s home, on their balcony overlooking the Ganges. We had high, front row seats even though the audience grew markedly within the next hour, but the experience was enthralling. Rajeev participated in the actual ceremony; we felt part of it too. The second day we went northwards to the Nepali Temple (Kathwala Temple); the wood carving exquisite and, somewhat erotic, if you know where to look – and we rung the bell! The Manikarnika Ghats – the main funeral Ghats – was one of our required destinations though, from the aspect of a boat, not the shore. The great Ganga clearly had other ideas for the area became too congested as the number of cremations placed greater strain on the ever-dwindling area of the Ghats. All were performed on an upper platform, and we watched on from a distance. After lunch, to the ruins of Sarnath - the monuments of monasteries where Buddha first taught his followers about enlightenment and now a venue for mass pilgrimage. The multi-phased site dates back to the 6th century BC and is still partially occupied by temples today. The adjacent museum is also worth a nosey as this is where the Lion Capital from the Ashoka Pillar is located (google it!). It is beautiful in its own right but the other carvings are also worthy of viewing given their relative dating to comparable works from other contemporary civilizations. An epic 2 days in Varanasi made special by Rejeev. This guy is a legend and something of a philanthropist as is his colleagues. Use Kashi journeys and you won’t be disappointed – even if the Ganges is flooded.
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Umasundari Popuri 12-09-2019
Last week we had been to Varanasi along with my husband and mother in law.As my MIL is unable to walk we were searching in the net regarding wheelchair facility along with the guided tour.luckly we found out kaasi journeys in google and Mr.Rajiv came in touch with us.He said he will take care of everything just that we have to give our places of interest.Later we went to Varanasi and Rajiv came to the airport and picked us with a smiling face.From there he really took good care of us from Darshana to shopping andtill we reached airport to fly back again.It was a wonderful if someone is going to Varanasi u can rely on kaasi journeys .
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Marta Valentí 23-11-2018
This August we spent two days in Varanasi and it was a unique experience. Rajeev was extremely kind and welcoming and showed us the more spiritual side of Varanasi, guiding us in the ceremonies of the Ganges River, where he helped us to understand and especially to feel the magic of this city. He was available anytime for anything we might need and allowed us to fully enjoy our experience there.

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