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Give the gift of an experience. Invite friends and family to join your virtual village. Support independent service providers. 

Because we believe that it is our collective responsibility to raise creative, inquisitive, and healthy children, who will nurture our communities and the planet. We don’t think geography should get in the way of maintaining a relationship with a loved one, so we provide easy to use online tools, with three concepts in mind: 

1) The Virtual Village. Invite friends and family into your virtual village, so that they can participate in your child's growth and inspire their talents and dreams. Members can pool their resources together, so that their dollars go further and create a meaningful impact. 

2) Gift Experiences. By gifting an experience, you inspire creativity and nurture talent. Toys capture a child's attention for a short while, while positive experiences can shape a lifetime. 

3) The Marketplace. You can purchase a service on our marketplace from a local, independent service provider. From a math tutor to Grandma next door who is a piano teacher and artist, we connect you to service providers, right in your neighborhood.

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