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Budhanilakantha-12, Kapan, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Gaurishankar Golden Group Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is organization opened by people of remote village, Gaurishankar of Nepal. It is a group formed by tourism related personnel. Poverty, scarcity and necessity made us porter for foreigners. Geographical difficulty differentiated us from education, skills and technology. Lack of proper education, we were limited to some words of foreign language. Hi, Hello, OK etc. were just few words we know and were only our help.

This harsh reality woke us up. Scarcity and necessity made us more determined and hard working. After long and rigorous hard labor, we were able to make name among tourists. We were able to win heart of our foreign friends. As a result we gain experiences and ability to understand our condition. So, we establish this organization to unite our people and work for betterment in field of education and health of the region.

Members of this agency have studied and experienced this field for long time. They are further studying and researching to gain more experience in order to uplift this sector.They are trying to

increase more excitement and unforgettable experiences by launching more new programs and new destination.

This organization plans invest one and half percent of its profit in education and health sector of Gaurishankar region. This is done with motto that nobody is left behind because of education and health. Educational awareness will create environment for better professional oriented education. This sort of education helps people of this region to get more independence. It helps to alleviate poverty and unemployment and raise the living condition. Time taught to struggle and try until success come to our hand. This organization is solely started with intention to provide quality service in the field of tourism and use this opportunity for rise the living standard of local people.

This organization main aim is to alleviate scarcity and poverty and fulfill basic needs of people. Help from you and your organization are always welcome.

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