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Konkan Explorers 

Konkan Explorers is located in Morjim, GOA (INDIA).

The trademark of our endeavour is to propose an access to different possibilities of the world of yachting in associating cruises and nautical sports. We propose two remarkable vessels for cruises which offer different specificities and possibilities.

Generally, the cruise takes the passengers to a certain point from where kayaking excursion, or sailing adventures, are launched. Then, the passengers, attended and guided by the crew, return to the main vessel and enjoy a cruise back.

Each trip is customized according to the wishes as well as physical and technical skills of the passengers.

We address the need of beginners with approachable programs. Besides, our long practice of expeditions and adventure activities is suitable for more demanding session with well-trained passengers.

All together it participates to make Konkan Explorers unique in India.

Google Reviews

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Pierre Kassec
A company that I have been following for some time and which is growing and growing in popularity. And It is so much deserved! If you are searching for great moments, in a responsible environment, visit Them. There is no alternative...

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Sumanth Bharadwaj M
The best time we spent in Goa on our vacation was with Konkan Explorers. They have an excellent team led by Poonam and Pascal. Kayaking in the mangroves was delightful. It was equally intoxicating trying to swim against the current. First timers and non swimmers need not worry. The experience is made safe. It is totally worth every penny. Just go for it!

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Kraleti Ravikanth
the best water sporting experience in goa. a must visit for every water sport lover. great job by the crew, very professional and freindly

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Patrick Smith
I have been twice. Each time a different experience. Handle by real professionals, I feel what they offer is way beyond all these ordinary stuff one can find there. See you when I am back in Goa!