Pahadi House, Village - Chaukhal, Main Chamba - Mussoorie road, Kanatal
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Given a choice to stretch your arms and float in the air, will you say a NO? Or allowing the wind to gently kiss your cheeks, play with your hair, will you refrain from it?

Pahadi House gives you a lifetime experience to “be yourself”. Away from the “busy” and “hectic” life schedule, spending moments in the lap of mother nature, you instantly connect with your soul. You wake up to witness God’s most beautiful creation all around by simply peeking out from the window of your room.

Pahadi House helps an individual find his roots… The peace and tranquility cuddles you, brings the entire world at standstill while you just “feel” every second pass by.

Many of us, since childhood, wanted to climb trees, pluck fruits directly from the branches and savour the rich and “original” taste of nature. Yes! It is 100% Organic. You have to be here to believe us.

What can be more exciting to stay in houses that give you a feel of an ancient homestay with wall made up of mud, cow-dung and wood.

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