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The world's first Partition Museum is now open at the historic Town Hall building in Amritsar.The Partition of India was one of the most defining events in the nation's history. It was perhaps the largest migration in human history, with 18 million affected. The Museum is part of the newly inaugurated Heritage Street at Amritsar, which starts at the Golden Temple and ends at the Town Hall.

The Partition Museum has been set up as a People's Museum to remember all those millions who lost their homes or loved ones at that time.The focus of the Museum is to take the visitors on a journey into the lives of those who lost so much at Partition, with the aid of multiple different mediums, including oral histories playing on video, a soundscape in each gallery, original artifacts donated by refugees, newspapers and magazines, photographs showing the migration and camps, letters written by refugees, government documents, and especially created art installations. 


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