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87H, Top Floor, Pocket K, Sheikh Sarai Phase II
New Delhi
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About Renok Adventures

Renok is an adventure company established in 2011 which specializes in trekking, adventure activities and outbound training. As nature and adventure aficionados we strive to give you an experience where the destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

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harshita seth 07-02-2019
My experience with Renok Adventures was amazing! I did my first Trek with them and obviously as it was a solo trek so I was kinda afraid about the people and the management but my experience was really very good and safe! Not to forget the super delicious food they served during the trek. They were really helpful all through. I am thankful as they made my first Trek such an inexplicable experience that I m looking forward to more such adventures with them! 😀😀
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Bimal Jayadev 06-03-2019
Went for kedaekantha trek with renok through thrillophia. They first said there will be just 12-15 ppl in the trek, there were 28 people at the end. Either renok or thrillophia kept on adding people and made the group too big to manage by the 3-4 guides they had allocated. There were times during the trek when no guides were available with some groups and the situation was very risky. Imagine being stuck at 12500 feet in snow, with low visibility,oxygen and no guide nearby. It was a miracle all of us reached back safe. 2 stars is for the guides who came with us who are gems and the food that they provided.
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rishi patel 10-03-2019
I went to kedarkantha trek. First of all quipments they provide on rentals like trekking pole, gaucher's and micro- spikes are not up to date. Majority are near to crack and broke. And at the end if it's broken , it's broken by you and you have to pay. Tents were getting wet inside while snowfall and they kept 3 person in each tent while there was hardly space for 2. With 3 people inside and their bags and shoes and gaucher and all you could hardly breath. Yes, you have to keep everything inside while it's snowfall outside. Everything was getting chilly and wet. And for most of sleeping bags were so small, just enough to get your legs and half trunk inside. And then if majority of group comes back or even if they bring the whole group back (by their decision) because of weather conditions or whatsoever they don't compensate anything and what can you do then. Floor mattress were smaller then tent, so on the border it was getting wet. If I have to give stars individually for things -- 5 stars for trek leaders, they work so hard for you - excellent. 4 stars for food they cook on camps. 2 stars for equipments including tents and poles and gauchers and microspikes and all. We have seen other than renok adventures trekking groups there with better equipments, bettrr tents and flooring of tents with separate tent for bags and stuff to provide enough space to sleep in tent. I would say it's better bet to go on some other treotrek company then renok adventures.
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mamta kumari 07-02-2019
I have done Kedarkantha trek with renok and it was so well cordinated. staff are helpful in office and as well as in ground. food and iquipments provided by them are so perfect. I shall highly recomand renokfor trekking in Himalayan.
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Neha Gore 07-07-2018
These guys are amazing. I went for a solo trip to the Valley of Flowers and I must tell that the entire team was extremely helping and took proper care of each one of us. Several people in my group were trekking for the first time but the entire team kept all of us motivated and helped in making it an experience for a lifetime. The services were up to the mark and the food was delicious. I would love to travel with Renok again.

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