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About Rural Pleasure

Rural Pleasure is a social enterprise dedicated towards improving livelihood of deserved rural population through Rural Tourism.

Rural Pleasure focuses on back to the roots activities under open sky close to Mother Nature. We deliver hands on experience of village level activities (like ploughing the field, seeding, plucking fruits/vegetables, crop harvesting, tribal dance, tribal painting, dip in river, milking cattle, bullock cart ride, village trail, cutting woods, mud flooring, fishing, forest hike, etc).

We encourage tourists to participate in the chores of villagers which give them an insight about their values, customs, culture, behavior, attitude and lifestyle. Tourists feel that life in rural is absolutely opposite to that of urban. Since Rural works on theory of Minimization and Urban works on theory of Maximization. For villagers less means sufficient but for urban it means insecurity.

The activities are mix of Adventure, Education and Self Realization. The intention is to deliver once in a life time experience to the tourists.

The income generated through this program is shared with the participating village community which helps in improving their livelihood. The program directly impacts on the economic development of village since the revenue flows from urban to the rural village.

The revenue for villagers gets generated in form of lodging, boarding, tourist guide, room service, housekeeping, performance by local artists, selling of the art and agri produce, etc.

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