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Jaigaon - ( Indo - Bhutan Border )
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Himalayan High 

It feels pleasure to introduce Himalayan High to the Adventure Breed. We being lucky to have The Great Himalayas with us, Himalayan High is here to take you deeper and higher up in the Great Himalayas, make you feel ecstatic by its high peaks, mesmerized by its aura, awe-inspired by its might and thoughtful by its spirituality,  but not limited to that.

Himalayan High is a Trek and other Outdoor Tour Operator in the Himalayas of India, Bhutan and Nepal. The company is perfectly located in Jaigaon - a small town of West Bengal at the junction ofBhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and North East India. The tagline of Himalayan High reads Climb Trek Cycle Click. 

The motive behind Himalayan High is to take people to experience the Himalayas by adventurous activities like Trekking, Mountaineering, Biking etc.. Apart from knowing the mountains, appreciating it geographical presence, reaching it, seeing it and feeling it, we also love to know its people, their culture, understand their way of life, build bond with not just the place, but also its people and develop an environment of mutual respect for each other.

We are ethically driven trained mountaineers who considers Himalayas Godly and are  motivated to change the spirit of trekking in India, which is currently maltreated by other big organizers for profit, spammed by wannabes, faked by Bollywood and dominated by the desire to achieve a trek, rather than living a trek.

Why Choose Us

  • We are responsible travelers and respect fellow responsible travelers.
    We like traveling in smaller groups as we believe that gives the best experience of the Himalayas.
  • Customize your travel experience and stay free from any constraints enforced by other parties. You and Your Holidays are important for us.
  • Take with you, the best of the Himalayas as we are well researched and experienced. We mostly like the Himalayas raw, as it is, and hate meaningless glorification of a destination.
  • We have Experienced and Qualified Trek Leaders who joins the team on your request.
  • We understand the sport well as we ourselves are mountaineers. Hence we give importance to good equipment to be used on the trek.
  • We value local knowledge and their importance in situations of diversities. So we hire experienced and trusted local guide and porters.
  • We are not here for volume, but for experience - a true, unpolished raw and enriching experience of the Himalayas which adds to your personal growth and not just becomes a memory in form of photos.
  • We are believers of Quality - Quality Treks, Quality Trekkers, Quality Service and Quality Experience.
  • Give back to the Himalayas in return by being a responsible traveler and raise awareness on the topic while on trek.
  • We are a small organization depending on Word-of-Mouth recommendations to sustain ourselves. We value you.

If you relate the Himalayas with Peace, Spirituality, Teacher, Adventure, Determination, Joy, Beyond Being Beautiful, we relate. Experience us !!  

Google Reviews

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Shaz Kaleem
We did Har ki dun trek with Himalayan High, it was a great experience. I highly recommend Himalayan High group among all available in that region. Himalayan High made sure that we get everything at the right time and right place, their knowledge about the region and tiny details made our trek very informative. One of our member had sports shoes but they recommended and provided trekking shoes, that trekking shoes helped our friend to complete the trek without any injury. Last but not the least they know about best arrangements, took care of our safety and arranged best trekking equipments. Highly Highly recommended.

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Sneha Sharma
We had lots of fun and for the 5 days of our trek we became like family. We were really taken very good care of and the food that Rana da cooked for us everyday was delicious and each day we were served new things. Both the trek leader and the guide we're very knowledgeable and they told us a lot about the villages on the way the culture and tradiotions they follow and a lot of other interesting facts which are the kind of things that trekkers might be interested in but no one really shared such stories. Amazing experience must try.

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Vinay Darda
Thanks Himalayan High! It was an amazing experience with you at trek.. The guides were really good and professional, provided a lot of information, and they didn't let the spirits go down especially during the time of summit also all the support staff was really helping and caring. In short planning, equipment’s, hospitality, safety measures all were to the mark.

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Yatin Mehan
The best solo trek I have ever had. The guy Suman was awesome, I by chance had no money and I was looking for ATMs but no luck. He showed trust in me and asked me to send the money after I reach home. Food, staff and trip everything was awesome.

profile image
Chad Fernandez
I did the dual Summit of Golep and Stok Kangri this past summer and wow, what an experience it was! Every single support staff were excellent. Great attitudes, mental toughness, and food. They also provide very safe equipment (harness, helmet, etc..) They treat you like family, very reasonable with setup, and when my trekking partner was having trouble withdrawing money - they trusted him to pay once he was back in Delhi. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, safe trip trekking in the Himalayas. The one other thing I wanted to mention is that high altitude trekking is no joke - so be mentally prepared to train and accept the risk (the summit is only half way). Be safe and have fun! Chad