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It feels pleasure to introduce Himalayan High to the Adventure Breed. We being lucky to have The Great Himalayas with us, Himalayan High is here to take you deeper and higher up in the Great Himalayas, make you feel ecstatic by its high peaks, mesmerized by its aura, awe-inspired by its might and thoughtful by its spirituality,  but not limited to that.

Himalayan High is a Trek and other Outdoor Tour Operator in the Himalayas of India, Bhutan and Nepal. The company is perfectly located in Jaigaon - a small town of West Bengal at the junction ofBhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and North East India. The tagline of Himalayan High reads Climb Trek Cycle Click. 

The motive behind Himalayan High is to take people to experience the Himalayas by adventurous activities like Trekking, Mountaineering, Biking etc.. Apart from knowing the mountains, appreciating it geographical presence, reaching it, seeing it and feeling it, we also love to know its people, their culture, understand their way of life, build bond with not just the place, but also its people and develop an environment of mutual respect for each other.

We are ethically driven trained mountaineers who considers Himalayas Godly and are  motivated to change the spirit of trekking in India, which is currently maltreated by other big organizers for profit, spammed by wannabes, faked by Bollywood and dominated by the desire to achieve a trek, rather than living a trek.

Why Choose Us

  • We are responsible travelers and respect fellow responsible travelers.
    We like traveling in smaller groups as we believe that gives the best experience of the Himalayas.
  • Customize your travel experience and stay free from any constraints enforced by other parties. You and Your Holidays are important for us.
  • Take with you, the best of the Himalayas as we are well researched and experienced. We mostly like the Himalayas raw, as it is, and hate meaningless glorification of a destination.
  • We have Experienced and Qualified Trek Leaders who joins the team on your request.
  • We understand the sport well as we ourselves are mountaineers. Hence we give importance to good equipment to be used on the trek.
  • We value local knowledge and their importance in situations of diversities. So we hire experienced and trusted local guide and porters.
  • We are not here for volume, but for experience - a true, unpolished raw and enriching experience of the Himalayas which adds to your personal growth and not just becomes a memory in form of photos.
  • We are believers of Quality - Quality Treks, Quality Trekkers, Quality Service and Quality Experience.
  • Give back to the Himalayas in return by being a responsible traveler and raise awareness on the topic while on trek.
  • We are a small organization depending on Word-of-Mouth recommendations to sustain ourselves. We value you.

If you relate the Himalayas with Peace, Spirituality, Teacher, Adventure, Determination, Joy, Beyond Being Beautiful, we relate. Experience us !!  

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Ron Guggenheim 29-06-2023
Suman and his team simply go above and beyond. I've rarely experienced such service and customer driven guides, while never neglecting safety and day to day situations. The Goechala trek we did with them was well organized every step we took, and a special mention deserves out lead guide Krishna - ask for him explicitly... Perfect English, well educated and knowledgeable and phantastic physical condition, always focused on spoiling us as his guests. In the background Suman was always present and when there were changes in plans, he took care with no mention and we could feel his smile even through WhatsApp. We'll be back!!!
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Ashish Mahapatra 09-03-2023
We did the Sandakphu Phalut Trek with Himalayan High. Pre journey, Suman was very prompt in responding to our queries and that helped us finalize the trek in a short period before the trek departure date. During the trek, Raju was our trek leader and he was fantastic throughout the trek (guided us when needed or asked and gave us our space at other times). We learnt immensely from Raju. The homestays and meals provided were very good. All our add-on requests (taxis and equipment rentals) were serviced in a professional manner. This was a memorable trek, with a slight disappointment of not being able to see the peaks from Phalut due to the weather. I look forward to doing another trek with Himalayan High.
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Michelle Cross 04-07-2023
Rumtse Tsomoriri Trek With Himalayan High In June we did the Rumtse Tsomoriri trek with Himalayan high. Before the time that team took great care in answering all our questions and ensuring that we had sufficient and correct gear for our 8-day trek. From arrival in Leh the team make sure that we acclimatized correctly. From day one on the trek, they set a good pace that suited the whole group. The meals were amazing, and we were amazed on how they could prepare such a variety of meals daily from the kitchen tent and even made my husband a cake for his birthday. Our tents were set up everyday at each camp site. The team ensured that we were in good health - with oxygen checks and with continuous check-ups with us. I have never done a trek before, and the team made it possible. It was difficult but not impossible.
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Subhashini Visweswaran 21-01-2023
Sandakphu Phalut Trek is a lovely trek with great Himalayan mountains views especially months of Nov / Dec. Was doing this trek with my sister and her kids who all are first timers. So speaking on behalf of them too, a very doable trek . The stay arrangements by Himalayan High was good and comfortable. No tented stay which is a big plus given the cold and first timers adapting to it. The food was basic but nutritious and helped during the 6 days of trekking. The homestay hosts never complained when we kept asking for hot water. Mesmerizing views kept us company throughout the trek. The only not so good part about the trek is walking on the road ( same used by 4WD ) and the last stretch downhill to the base camp which one has an option to hire a car also. Overall, a trek one must do ....
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Ralph Guggenheim 29-06-2023
The trek with Himalaya High Altitude Treks and Expeditions has been a unique and powerful experience for us as a small group and most importantly, adapted to our needs not only at its outset, but again and again. Beyond the superb organization of the whole trip, the effort that the guides made for us, as we had difficulty adjusting to the cold at night, so we would get maximum warming, is unforgettable and very highly appreciated. After we made it to the highest point of the trek at 4,200 meter, with the incredible luck of having seen and well documented ourselves with the mighty background of the sunny Kangchenchonga in all its splendor, the guides team went a long way to change the whole plan to one that fit our updated needs. These are part of the memories that made the trip not only an exciting adventure of all that nature can stun you with, but also a teamwork that made this experience all the more pleasant and enriching.

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