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Temple Pilots is a dream born of love and passion for freedom and flying. With over 40 years of combined experience of its core founders, Anita and Avi, it is amongst the best paragliding schools today. | Temple Pilots is a certified, registered and operating school no. 9 with APPI International (Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland). | With nine instructors, Temple Pilots has one of the largest teams worldwide and is particular about maintaining an excellent instructor-student ratio. This not only means quality training but also high safety standards. | With a 100% safety record and professional standards of training, Temple Pilots is also the only school recognised by the Aeroclub Of India as an associate member of the IPF (Indian Parachuting Federation).

Temple Pilots is the only five star rated school in the country with APPI International – (Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland). 


We are the only five-star rated school in the country with APPI International (Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland). Temple Pilots is also the only school recognised by the Aeroclub Of India as an associate member of the IPF (Indian Parachuting Federation).

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Temple Pilots is a registered and operating school, license no.9 with APPI International (Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland), having satisfactorily met the certification standards set by them. This also means that you will recieve an internationally-recognised APPI Pilot License after completing your certification.


APPI International (Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland).

Recognised by the Aeroclub Of India as an associate member of the IPF (Indian Parachuting Federation).

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Kanika Mathur 24-10-2023
I had the best and most memorable experience learning paragliding with the team at Temple Pilots. I did the APPI 1 course with them and the team was nothing short of extraordinary. Each instructor is so patient and calm and helps with every stage of the process. We stayed at the Temple Pilots accommodation also - the rooms are extremely comfortable and the food is super tasty! The vibe is so conducive to learn and the journey really transforms you. Loved every moment of my time here.
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Nirbhaya Kumar Shukla 29-10-2023
It was really an awesome experience of flying in the air. Special thanks to Temple Pilots Paragliding Team for taking me this breathtaking ride and Special thanks to instructor Mr.Pravin for the Acro Tandem ride. One must do this adventure atleast once in a life time. Truly an amazing awesome experience 👌👏♥️
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Kaisar Kazi 31-10-2023
SIV Advanced Course with Temple Pilots in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India - October 2023 Having completed my initial SIV (Simulation d'Incident en Vol) training with Temple Pilots (TP) in Bilaspur in October 2021, I signed up for a second SIV course with TP in October 2023. Bilaspur, conveniently located just three hours away from Chandigarh Airport, offers the perfect setting for this training, with the Sutlej River providing an excellent waterbody, along with complete infrastructure and ground support for SIV maneuvers. As a student of Temple Pilots for nearly six years now, I currently find myself at the P4- level with more than 200 flights and over 80 flying hours under my belt. I recently transitioned to an EN B glider, the Niviuk Hook 6, from my previous EN A glider, the Gin Bolero 6. SIV training serves two vital purposes for every pilot. First, it equips us to effectively handle emergency situations in-flight by simulating potential incidents. Second, it allows us to gain deep insights into our glider's behavior and limitations. It was an obvious decision for me to opt for SIV training with Temple Pilots. TP has been well-acquainted with my skill level, as well as my areas of improvement, which made it an ideal fit for my training needs. The course commenced on October 1st and began with exercises focused on mastering pitch and roll controls. In the ensuing days, we progressively delved into more complex maneuvers, such as asymmetrical collapses with and without the use of speed bar, asymmetric collapses, frontal collapses, A-line and B-line stalls, riser twists, spiral dives with clean and dynamic exits, wing overs, and more. Unfortunately, due to my limited course duration, I was unable to execute deep stalls, a maneuver I had performed in my prior SIV training. Each morning, we were treated to comprehensive pre-maneuver briefings, addressing any questions and concerns. Throughout our flights, clear and precise radio instructions guided us, prioritizing safety as the highest concern. At the end of each day, debriefing sessions provided the opportunity for every pilot to share their experiences and receive further guidance. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Avi sir and Jitu Sir, whose expertise and efficiency ensured an incident-free and highly productive course. Our stay at Bilaspur's home-stay on Bandla Hill top was amazing. The delicious organic homegrown food, the warm hospitality, the friendly kids, and the beautiful surroundings made the entire experience memorable.
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Sam F debs 16-11-2023
I completed a 20-day APPI-3 course here and would do it again! Few points that stood out for me - Safety. Every instructor and person involved with Templepilots made me feel extremely safe even when you're high in the air you feel comfortable knowing these guys are there looking out for you. All the instructors were extremely professional and just felt like a bit of a family at the end. It's a perfect bubble to keep your head in the game. I learned so much and would highly recommend a 20-day course as this is a sport that takes a high amount of dedication! And for me personally, this was my sweet spot. The food was another awesome point. Three meals a day, all extremely nice home-cooked. As I was an international student (Australia), I felt Anita, Avi, and everyone really supported me out of my comfort zone. I have nothing but good things to say here and recommend.
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Luke Robinson 17-11-2023
This is a special school with a special vision! The school has a wonderful balance of pushing you (to get the best out of you) while making you feel cared for and safe. Do yourself a favour and go and learn to fly with Temple pilots. You will not regret it 🙏

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