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Badrinath is one of the most sacred cities of Hindus, it is situated a height of 3313 meters above sea level. Badrinath is the most important one of the Char Dhams. Millions of tourists and pilgrims descend on Badrinath every summer. The Badrinath Temple is the main attraction here. It is believed that it was established by Adi Shankaracharya.

India is literally ‘the Land of Gods’ and to get a taste of Indian belief systems, religious convictions and diverse culture, travelers should definitely make a trip to the Badrinath, one of the most crucial shrines of the Char Dham Yatra. A holy pilgrim location for people of Hindu faith, Badrinath is situated amid the mountains of Nar and Naryana, on the banks of River Alakananda, hovering under the mighty Neelkanth Peak. The Badrinath Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is a chief attraction which brings thousands of devotees every year. The temple which is worshipped was erected by the Garhwal Kings almost 200 years ago and has 15 idols carved from the black stone. There interesting legends about the Pandavas, who are said to have passed through Badrinath while on a journey and also about holy River Ganges which was spilt into 12 rivers including Alakananda.

The travelers can also stop by Village Mana, the last village of India which was occupied by a rare Indo-Mongolian tribe, Tapt Kund a natural thermal spring near the river which is said to have healing properties. It also serves as a great opportunity for adventurers who have a profound fetish for mountaineering expeditions on the snow clad peak of Neelkanth. 

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