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World India Uttarakhand Bageshwar
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India Uttarakhand Bageshwar

About Bageshwar

Bageshwar is located at the confluence of Gomti and Saryu rivers. It is a place of utter importance from religious point of view as the place is believed to have powers of liberating ones from the cycle of life and death thus to attain salvation.

The most famous amongst all the temples at Bageshwar are the Baijnath and Bagnath temples. Bagnath temple is famous for it shivlinga that has a story attached. And the story goes like this that Lord Shiva visited Markandey in the disguise of a tiger. Every year during the spring season specially the “Savan” month as per the Hindu calendar, lots of Lord Shiva devotees travel to Bageshwar to visit the shivlinga.

A fair every year is organized during Mahashivratri with great enthusiasm and is one of the major attractions to Bageshwar.  Bageshwar is beautifully located in between the Bhileshwar Mountain, Nileshwar Mountain and the Suraj and Agni Kunds. Bageshwar ghats are all well equipped with all amenities and security arrangements as this place sees pilgrims in thousands during Mahashivratri fair or the Vijaydashmi fair. Being in the Kumaon sector, Vijaydashmi festival which is celebrated before Diwali is a captivating experience. The hustle bustle of the markets that are lit and decorated is a sight to behold.

Do visit the Chandika temple dedicated to goddess Chandika especially during the Navratras and get mesmerized with the festivities associated. Thus, Bageshwar offers a great unwinding opportunity for all those who want to spiritually enlighten themselves. But this is not it. Bageshwar has something for everybody. The nature lovers and the adventure buffs can rest and recoup themselves for the Pindari Glacier trek. This trek experiences every year a hoard of trekkers to enjoy the awesome beauty of the glacier that is between the Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi mountains.

Plan a visit to Bageshwar and come back rejuvenated and refreshed for sure.

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