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World India Uttarakhand Ranikhet
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Bustling with the army pride, Ranikhet a cantonment designed and created during the British era, is the headquarters of the Kumaon regiment of the Indian Army. This charismatic hill station is located at an altitude of 1869 m and has an exhilarating and magnetic air that attracts all the city occupants to unwind them.

Ranikhet which means “green meadow” lives up to its reputation. Magnificent Himalayas in the backdrop and tall conifer trees offers a soothing combination for all those who are visiting this hill station. The beauty and grandeur of Ranikhet has attracted one and all, even the royals like queen Padmini of Kumaon could not stay aloof. A complete holiday package as it offers excursion routes for trekkers, picnic spots for a family visit on a weekend and above all nature at its beautiful best for all the nature lovers.

The Britishers established their headquarters here in 1869 and used Ranikhet as their summer retreat just like Shimla. Today also, when one visits Ranikhet, one can experience the effort still going into maintaining this clean Army cantonment. The cantonment is spread over two ridges, Ranikhet ridge and the Chaubattia ridge.  Experience the serenity by walking around these ridges.

This convivial hill station is pleasant throughout the year. A good choice for a weekend destination Ranikhet offers so much to experience that one comes back refreshed and rejuvenated. Once in Ranikhet, visit the Kumaon center Army museum. This museum will take you through the glorious history of the feats of the Kumaon regiment. Feel the pride in you as you walk the memory lane absorbing the rich heritage of the Kumaon Regiment since the Raj era.

Everything within the walking distance, walk up to the Jhula devi temple and get enchanted by the number of brass bells hanging around. Further up ahead are Chaubattia gardens where around 35 varieties of apple are grown. From here get engulfed by the grandiose view of the Himalaya peaks.

For all the avid Hindus, Ranikhet has a handful of temples in its vicinity. To name a few we have Hairakhan temple, Dronagiri temple, Binsar Mahadev temple and Baijnath temple and every temple has a story associated to it. This would surely make Ranikhet popular amongst grandparents and older people. With everyone’s need of vacation met, this is for sure that everyone would love to visit Ranikhet at least for once in its lifetime. If you fall in love with Ranikhet then visit it again and revisit every moment of your love story with Ranikhet’s beauty.

It is easily accessible by road almost all time of the year but one can experience the beauty of the White blanket due to the snow in the winters. Travel by your own vehicle or take a bus to Ranikhet. But travelling by your own conveyance would give you the liberty to be more mobile. Trek around the trekking routes and bond with the green nature but be completely self contained. Treks can be adventurous!


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India Uttarakhand Ranikhet

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