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World India Uttar Pradesh Moradabad
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India Uttar Pradesh Moradabad

About Moradabad

Set on the river Ramganga, overlooking the Gangetic planes, Moradabad known as the ‘Brass City’ or ‘Peetal Nagri’ as its often refered is the brass capital of India. The city was established in 1600 by Murad, Emperor of the Mughal Empire.

It’s from here that the Nawabs ruled from 1774-1800. Part of the duty of the Nawabs was to uphold the sovereighty of the Mughal Emprire. Many of their works and influence can still be found in the city. After 1801, Moradabad became part of the British Empire.

The city has seen consistent growth through expansion of it’s copper and brass exporting business, in combination with handicrafts and manufactured products. The city now exports to over 30 countries worldwide, including Britain, USA, Middle East, Canada and Asia. The city has become a pioneer of new technologies such as electroplating, lacquering and powder coating.

The city has many tourist attractions such as Pataleshwar Temple, Sai Temple, Raza Library and attractions a short distance from the city, making it a popular destination for tourists and travelers.

One of the food specialities recommended for travelers to the area is the Biryani. All visitors are recommended to visit the Peetal Mandi. This is the town market, and has a worldwide renown. It’s from here that you can pick all manner of items of the locality's handicraft.

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