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World India Delhi Old Delhi
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India Delhi Old Delhi

About Old Delhi

Old Delhi is one of those mementos, which is magnificently preserved, embellished by its interesting, protracted history. Old Delhi has sheltered the reign of many renowned dynasties but it was prominently known for the period of the Mughal Rule. Formerly known as Shajahanabad, it was named after the Mughal Emperor Shahajahan who had erected this beautiful walled city, it continued to be the principal city of the Mughal Empire till their decline. Prior to Shahajahan’s rule it was occupied by Tughlaq, Lodi, Mamluk and Khalji Dynasties. The city has 14 gates surrounding it, out of which only a handful of which exist now. The Kashmiri Gate, hovering in the Northern part of the complex; Ajmeri Gate in the South-West part of the City; Delhi Gate, in the Southern part of Old Delhi; Nigambodh Gate, in the Northeastern section near Yamuna Bazaar; and Turkman Gate, located in the Southern division of old city which was named after Hazrat Shah Turkman, a celebrated Muslim Saint.

In the present time it is immensely popular for Chandni Chowk, one of the busiest bazaars of Delhi, where travelers can indefinitely go on for a shopping and hogging spree. Old Delhi is a popular shopping place for lovely and authentic Indian sarees.  Foodies will find quintessential Hindustani Halwai, mouthwatering Chaat and profound gallis of butter and heart melting parathas. The Red Fort’s splendor cannot be missed even by the most unobservant spectator; the crammed lanes and bustling corners house Jama Masjid, India’s largest Mosque; Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli, an illustrious poet; Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial Rajghat; Sultanate Razia’s Tomb, the only female Empress Delhi had; the huge bazaar of Khari Baoli, eminent for its spices and bit of British blend with St James Church, a 19th Century beauty, the oldest Church in the city of Delhi. The travelers are in for a treat when it comes to ancient mansions which define the cultural aura of the Mughal Empire, a must visit for those who constantly seek inspiration through the rust and the dust.

A historical as well as architectural extravagance Old Delhi might not be the exact same neighborhood as it was centuries ago but it still upholds its unbeatable charm with lip smacking cuisine and history lingering in almost every nook and corner of it. In its conclusion, tradition every traveler must fulfill at least once in their lives, for it’s not wandering, or roaming, it’s time-traveling. 

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