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Connaught Place, named after the duke of Connaught, lies in the heart of Delhi. Originally designed to provide maximum shopping experience to the Britishers, Connaught Place or Rajiv Chowk, has now transitioned into a haven for shoppers, art enthusiasts and foodies - middle class and elites all alike. The large Victorian structures that lie evidence of the hugely aristocratic British legacy have been transformed to house a variety of large retail & food outlets. CP is divided into various blocks and 3 layers which are in the shape of a horse-shoe.

Offering everything from art to food to international brands to historical monuments and structures, CP is at all times crowded with Delhites, local and foreign tourists. Few are found browsing through books at the many bookstores around (Oxford bookstore, Jain Book Agency, etc.) while others might just be strolling inside the large compounds greedily widow-shopping. For the ardent shopper, CP offers not only high-end brands but dirt cheap clothing and accessories at complexes like Palika Bazar and Janpath. Adorned with lavish eateries and contemporary cafes, CP is a favorite with teenagers looking to party or simply hang-out, as well. All in all, Connaught Place glitters with the frenzied life of modern India.

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Traveller Community User
Nov 26, 2015
A good place to meetup others, hang around with friends or just go shopping. Metros to most parts of Delhi can also be taken from here.
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